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Change is good...

Do you like?
I thought i would change just a bit.....I sort of get ants in my pants and then something needs to change. Usually it is the furniture in the living room (a friend says that every time she comes over it is different...whatever...) so here we go...the blog.
I still need to maybe work up a little better title top bar (whatever it is called, you know what i'm talking about)

Now, let's talk about change in the pocket. I use this stuff for garage sales (sometimes it is bigger bill change) but none the less....change. Today, nothing much at the sales. The normal- junk, furniture no one wants, toys--we have waaay tooooo many, over priced items, ...but alas....there was a nice lady with:
*trampoline for $75 great shape, with the pad + a pool ladder to get up for the little ones.
(we have a mini tramp (half the heigth) but the oldest is getting just a little old for that) Came home, set it up and voila---perfect for everyone!
*(this is the best one) PERENIALS for 25 CENTS!!!!! yay!!!! I love it when others like to share in thier green thumb ....spread the green goodness baby!
So of course i spent $4 and got what...16 plants?
There were like 6 LILIES and then succulant ground covers, other purple flowery ones she didn't know the name of, and lambs ear.

So I of course donned the big grass hat (has a little it is sort of cute) and an apron to hold tools and wipe my dirty hands on, cleaned out the grass that wants sooooo much to be in the pretty flower bed, and planted my new plants. I think they will be happy here.

By the way...the ones i dug up for free , like 3 weeks ago, are making a come back. They have survived the shock and are looking gooooooood. (plus we were gone for 7 days and the neighbor gal watered them very well)


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