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What's your name and where is your water?

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whosies--written whatnots: What's your name and where is your water?


What's your name and where is your water?

So after seeing this for a little bit longer than i would really like:
ok,ok the big glass one is mine...i admit it....

I decided to take someone elses idea, and make some labels for Water Bottles!! They are refillable, and easy to grab on the go too.

We used Shrinki Dinks for the little charms dangling off of the bottles.

I did the names and then asked each one what they would like to make. Then i drew the outlines in black sharpie and they colored them in. Let's see there was a lady bug, flower, heart, doll, giraffe, skateboard, snake, dragon, duck, frog, and butterfly. Such an assortment!

What concentration, such good colorers...


And After again with the jute string attachments.
Aren't they just perfect? Everyone is sooo happy with how they hung them and how they colored has been the talk of the evening!

Hoping this might help the cup far so good.

Well, i decided that since i wrote up the pattern of the Pixie Doll that i should try it out.
So this afternoon i did.
This is what i ended up with: (sorry the picture is a little evening dark...yellowish...eeewww, oh and maybe a weee bit fuzzy too)

I think i might call her "Tabitha" hee hee (after my honey tab) :)

I did one thing different. I put some undies on her. I thought that might be a little cute with matching the dress and all. yeah, it is..... just had to add.....notice the fabric? again, i know, but it is so darn cute!! promise my next project will use something different.
I however in my rush or spaceyness, or whatever i didn't add her ponies at the right time. Soooooo she had a pretty plain head when i pulled her right sides out. I believe though that many cute things come from forgetfullnes!! I sewed some strips of fabric (same as the bangs) and then hand sewed them to her head at the seam. Then i put the little ribbon knots on.
I also put some flower buttons on the dress at the shoulders.

For some reason or another her head is never perfect either. I must have a hard time following my own drawn lines!
I guess this, you might say,
that is what gives her personality.
she is never the same each time.
She is ever the evolver of your own mind!
i love that!

For those who have subscribed to be a tester i have one more hint: use a small stitch. Something like a 2- 2 1/4. that way the stuffing and seams don't show as much.

If there are any more "takers" on that let me know!

Now, where is my cup???

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Blogger Liz said...

She is very cute... If you still need testers I would be happy to make one as a test and give you feedback. :)

1/8/08 5:35 AM  
Blogger Julie said...

I got the patterns--several--you make me laugh!! I will try them soon--promise!! Tabitha is so cute--love the undies!! julie

1/8/08 12:24 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

liz- i sent you a pattern!! I also got some pics back from Letty. She has one girl done and she is sooooo cute. i will post it later.

1/8/08 1:37 PM  

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