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Spread'N the Love ......of Sewing

Here are my 200 6" squares all ready to go. Rolled and wrapped together in 10 little piles. They will be mailed, dispersed to 10 others, and then i will get in return 10 piles of 20 squares of different fabrics!!! This is a collection of sheets + vintage looking fabrics.
I love collecting others fabrics.

Peek at the little sewing kit all put together and ready to go:

Little bag to tote all the goodies around....can't believe how EASY this one was!! might make some more of these babies! Thanks to those Japanese Sewing Books for that pattern.
I am sending the pattern from Black Apple to make a doll + everything she needs to make it. The felt hair, muslin face, a variety of fabric for legs, arms, body....Plus a bunch of buttons for eyes, embelishments, whatever and some lace and ric-rac. Recognize the fabric?! Thanks grandma for that great sheet....waaayyyy cute!

Needle Case to hold all the "pokies":

Pin cushion for all the "pokies" being used at the moment. Sending some cute flower flat heads with it and sewing needles along for the ride. I filled it with crushed walnut shells and look at the center button----hmmmmmm i made it with the little button cover kit i won way back!!! yay!!!

All-in-all I think this turned out cute!! I am excited to see what kind of kit she gets in the mail :)

Here's to making some one new and young get hooked on sewing !)

p.s.- thanks for the help on the scrappy thing....still thinking....running out of time....hmmm.....

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Blogger Bunny said...

I think I have a sheet very similar to that one. it makes a cute tote.
did you decide not to test the little doll pattern?

30/7/08 8:18 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

i was just thinking about that the other day as a matter of fact.....i will get it out and stare a little on it. thanks for the inquiry!!!yay for pixie!!

30/7/08 9:04 AM  

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