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Scrappy Happy + PIXIE PATTERN

I have thought about it, mulled it over, contemplated, debated, and finally just gave up. If I wasn't happy, or a little hmmmm about what i made...then isn't what i should send. Therefore I am happy to introduce everyone to the NEW scrappy Mini Quilt. I dug deep through my drawers of little scraps and i found some 1/2 square trianges. Sewed them together, made hour glasses with them all and look what i did!!
I decided it was a little busy, so i bordered the center 4 and then added the second border around it all. Sometimes i get too hung up on making it more cemetrical, or whatever. I have a hard time just going with the flow and letting it be busy.

So what do you think? better than the 1st? Well, just different. more scrappy....please? I got it backed and all quilted. Just need to add the label on the back. This was kind of fun.

I did the quilting on my regular machine. It was really pretty nice. I have a lot of control that way. It is small and that might be what is nice about too. I do like using the big girl, but for this small of a project no way.

Look what i got in return all ready:

That is the front.... It is very Denise Shmidt to me. Fun shiny, glossy, rough, smooth, textured fabrics. bunch of fun.

you'll never guess what she named it......

The label says "intentional Wonkiness" LOve It! by the Mad One...heee heee

Oh, the mad one also included a little pile of squares big and small to add to my collection of others fabrics. Maybe after i am done collecting them i will make a scrappy big quilt.

I will have to consult Quiltville for a scrappy, go with the flow, don't worry about rules kind of quilt.

There was an inquiry on the Pixie Girl Pattern!!! thanks for remembering!! Today i spent a little time, hopefully finishing up the pattern. It is now finished and scanned and ready for some trials! If you would like to take the pattern for a test drive please leave a comment. i will give out like 3, 4, or maybe even 5.
I sort of copied the style of pattern from Black Apple. She did hers real basic and simple. I loved it. It is in Adobe reader Format and should be easy to print off. I will include a few pictures also. Please review the rules prior to submitting a comment.
Rules for testing :
1) you need to make a pixie. No hoarding the pattern and never producing! Promise??! Please make it in a reasonable time also. No 6 months later stuff.
2) you need to email me some feeback on this! I need the help i am sure....give me some tips, hints, something you would add too, hated it....whatever... i don't think you will though---hate it.
3) you need to post a picture about it and give me credit! If all goes well i will sell them in my Etsy shop so spreading the word would be helpful. thanks in advance. :)
4) You promise to not copy and produce your own patterns to sell. thank you .....again.
i think that just about does it......

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Blogger Letty said...

Hi, I love your Pixie pattern and would love to test it for you!

31/7/08 3:36 AM  
Blogger Letty said...

Hi, it's me again ;-) You can take a look at my blog if you want, to see some of my work:
(I couldn't find your e-mail address so I had to post this in your comments).

31/7/08 3:50 AM  
Blogger Bunny said...

I want to test it. I think they are super cute!

31/7/08 8:24 AM  
Blogger Julie said...

Hey Becky--love the scrappy quilt--okay, when are you going to show me how to quilt like that on my regular machine?!!! You are amazing!! I would love to test the pattern for you--I have two little girls who would like a pixie doll I'm sure. Have a good day. Julie

31/7/08 8:46 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I would love to test the pattern for you. I have actually been searching for a pattern like this to make dd some fairies. I'm thrilled to have found it. I am an experienced beginner sewer :)

4/12/08 2:10 PM  

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