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whosies--written whatnots: "Quickie"



I went to a bridal shower tonight and it was sooooo much fun!! It had the theme of "movies". You can tell from the invitation above. There was a little red ticket that came with the invite to put on our package. It had movie ___________ producer ____(your name).
I did 3 presents. I am a bit rediculous, but it was sooo fun.
I really at first had a hard time coming up with last night i asked my honey in bed and we came up with a few...we got the giggles, some of them were pretty funny. I hurried and wrote down the ideas so they wouldn't be lost in the foggy zone of my brain!

This is what we came up with:
1st present: Arachniphobia-----bug/spider spray, mosquito spray, and a fly swatter.
2nd present: Much Ado about nothing. I tried to sneak this one in and didn't put a name on it. everyone was's booby trapped sort of thing...hee hee. It was a cute little square of tissue paper all folded into a pile, then tied with curly ribbon. Of course there was nothing in it!!!
3rd present: Steel Magnolias-----they did fried green tomatoes so i put a frying pan in and then made the apron to go along with it. It was made out of my grandma (his great grandmas) sheet that i took from her house a couple of weeks ago. Then i added a cute hankie from a swap (lined it with the same sheet because it is sooo thin). Nice and big pocket! with the little embroidery folded over at the top. cute.....

The fun was to see what the other presents were. i will share.... a pan with a ton of chocolate items. the movie: Chocolate. A big pillow...Pillow Talk. Cookie sheet, gingerbread mix, ginger bread boy cookie cutters....Shrek. Candle warmer, jar, and meltable cubes......Sense and sensibility. See how fun???? They also had a little movie thing for our "game" it was little snipets of wedding movies and we just shouted out what they were. There were new ones and older ones. fun stuff.

Here was the best. A bag full of little hand vacume, cleaning supplies, ect but the hint went with the broom......of course Wizard of Oz. She pulls out the broom (didn't really get the game i guess) and instead of thinking "broom" reads the label "Quickie".......that got everyone going. I thought (outloud-whoops).
I should have gotten that one for my Honey's birthday this past Sunday.
For His birthday he is getting himself some Golf items and that is a lot of money so i really didn't get him anything. This i could have done though.....a "quickie".... i even offered her $5 for it....she didn't respond..... tomarrow i might have to go hunting for it.

It gives me the giggles he does need a new construction broom.

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Blogger Julie said...

That's awesome. I will have to remember that idea--love the Quickie--made me laugh outloud!!! Julie

7/8/08 7:47 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

funny huh?!!!

7/8/08 10:36 PM  

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