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Springville Getaway

Yesterday was sooooo fantastic!! the weather was perfect, the company was terrific, the gazing on quilts was inspirational, and the buying was under control (sort of)!!

Everyone needs a day like that every once in awhile.

I am taking the pic, but look at how cute everyone else is!

We went straight to Springville museum to gaze at all the quilts. There was such a nice display and everything was really fun to look at. There were a few that were the same, but overall there was a wonderful variety.

Hold on for a long post, but it will be worth it.

Chocolate treats.....nead i say more?

my mother liked this one. funny, i could see it in her house.

my mom liked this one too.

the group of gals that i went with really liked this one. simple, sweat, and easy to do. we are doing a trade with everyone next year. fun stuff!!!

Lots of applique this year. only one!

Check out the circular bethlehem. wool- dyed in jello...mmmmmmm.

crazy applique on miniture scale. the blocks are 5"!! yikes. but blow this baby up and find out all the little sayings that your mother used to tell you. there are some "goodies" in there!

some apron inspiration!

There were a few Dear Jane quilts also. These in person are overwhelming!! i really wish i would do one of these. haven't for some reason's a big commitment.

dark background. fantastic.

Hmmm thought i had the other one with all the edging blocks. none. sorry!

There were a lot that used teenie-tinnie blocks.

close-up. the 9 patches were around 2". this one has a great story but i can't remember exactly. you can read it on julie's blog. (she was there) hi julie :) great day huh?!

a very simple quilt ladder. we will make these at one of our meetings too. we all agreed!

some cute miniature.
Here are the goodies:

i found this bird stuff awhile ago at the machine quilting expo in the spring. i haven't seen it since. i finally found it!! so i got some for sashings and the bird one is for a wide to find a pattern.

Here is some that i found that was just cute!! these were 1.25 a fat too. not tooo bad.
Well, after the good food, 5 quilt shops, and frienship and don't forget the free taste of fudge afterwords it was a great day.
Pressure is on for today!



Blogger Julie said...

Becky---I had so much fun yesterday. Thanks for putting it all together. Are you home tomorrow? It's time to PIF!!! Julie

14/8/08 5:45 PM  
Blogger Chocolate Cat said...

Oh my goodness, some of these quilts are amazing! I thought the chocolate themed one at the start would be my favorite but I loved them all. Think the bethlehem one was much work and so many hours.....thanks for sharing a great day out!

15/8/08 2:29 PM  
Blogger Molly said...

I am so glad you posted about the Springville quilt show. I need to try to get down there to it this year. My favorite thing to do is go to quilt show and shops with my mom and sisters.

15/8/08 3:17 PM  
Blogger modernthread said...

I love that bird fabric! Where did you get it??

22/8/08 1:16 PM  

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