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Barred Rock Birthday

i just have to tell all about my weekend-

Saturday. We had tickets to go and see the Frank Loyd Wright home that Utah has!! It is even here in Bountiful. Lucky us.
I told my honey that i would take one of his homes anytime. Now, he is a drafter/designer and i said "hey, honey-- why don't you build me one of these?" Of course he names off just a few of his dislikes: I don't like cinder blocks, i don't like pink, i don't like all of the weird angles, I don't like know how it goes. So i guess i won't get me a think out of the box home. :(

Front: don't know who that kid is. glass on either side. lovely view.

Rear: Lovely roof and wood trim. Check out all the little windows at the top. They let light in the bathrooms and kitchen that are in the center of the home with no windows to the exterior.

Front living room. Windows that meet in the corner...tricky! Funky ceiling.

Living room again. look at all the pink funky furniture! loved it. There were bench chairs all the way around on 2 sides of the room. Party!!!

I don't know who they are (summerfest entertainers) but check out his outfit! i couldn't resist.

heee heeee

Sunday. It was the baby brothers, aka Boots, birthday on sunday. He turned 30!!!! Everyone came to his house for b-bq dinner and cakes and salads. At the end he was handed all of his presents.
Here he is waiting for mine on his NEW lounge chair:

His wifee has an excited expression on, but really has no idea what Jerika is holding!!

And at last! The chicken!! A barred-rock chicken!! Boy were they surprised! Everyone whoooped and hollared! funny stuff.

She pooped right after this on his new lounge. Squeezed too hard i said!

They live out in the country- sort of- and he always says...i want some chickens, but.... so i thought...i can do that!!
I made a little cage/coop for her out of pvc pipe and some netting. Gave him a waterer, some chick food and told him the instructions (very easy).

Boy that was funny! Everyone says i am crazy....i don't think they really have any idea....

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Blogger Julie said...

That's the BEST!! My brothers would KILL me!! Where is that House? Crazy. julie

11/8/08 4:12 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

I'm jealous, I have known there was a Wright house in Utah and knew it was somewhere up on the hill here and always wanted to go see it! I want a house like that too!

12/8/08 8:25 PM  
Blogger Jme said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

19/8/08 1:07 PM  
Blogger Jme said...

I want to know where the house is too! It would be so cool to see! It is amazing the different things you can do with a house. Too bad your basic home builders don't do them. But then again, if they did we probably wouldn't be able to afford them. Oh well!

19/8/08 1:08 PM  

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