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Pay IT Foward

I did the pay it forward on Julie's site!! Rules and instructions at the end!

She was soooo speady in her delivery. Today I got my little goodie from her.

It is currently hanging on my stove (don't tough it!_) Lovely chocolate...she know it doesn't she?! and a lovely pin cushion. i am thinking i like that pinappley stuff..mmmmm..hmmmm.

Last night was a daddy-daughter dinner! I had to share the pic. Such a good honey and daughter.

The littlest one Eliza has a birthday party to go to tomarrow and so we of course had to put together a little bunny. She is such a pink girl! She loves to help stuff the legs and arms and has all the input for those big bunny eyes! She is around 13" tall.

She of course had to try out her picture taking skills and this is what we got!

So here is your chance to do the same.


*make a comment saying that you would like to play.

* I will send you a little something in the mail.

* You need to pay it forward from now till 1 year from now to someone else. Preferebly 3 others....but i won't be counting!

Sound good?! Sound easy?! Ready to make someones day?!
Pay it Forward......

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Blogger CieAngel said...

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful Pin Coushin I got in the mail. I really love it.
Thank you for a great swap.

17/8/08 8:22 AM  

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