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whosies--written whatnots: W.I.P.-- i still have too.....


W.I.P.-- i still have too.....

Here they are......the working of fingers over the last week.

This is a project over a year old. you know how that goes?! anyways...i do the round robin here in utah. that is where you pick a pattern and then in january you send it to the first person on your list. they get it, with fabric, pattern, notes...whatever and do what you tell them to do. this one was for the mixed group (could be applique or pieced).

I sent around the pattern "Button Tree Lane". I asked them to do a house and a tree. I had all the backgrounds cut and labeled for placement and put in a bunch of homespuns for them to use or they could use whatever. I got all these back last august and they have been sitting, waiting, wondering what could be taking me soooo long to finish them. i had thought...oh, there are so many to do....and things like that so i never did anything with it. then thinking i could do the stuff at Bear Lake i put it together and voila! only 2 houses and 2 trees for me to do!!! i did the houses before i left, pieced the top and then stitched the buttons and branches while there. Of course there wasn't enough of the green thread that i used so I still have to finish just a bit more. I will show it off when i am all finished. cute though huh?! love all the buttons. After i got that tin full of vintage buttons i am starting to just love those. My stitching really stinks compared to the others, good thing i only had to do 2 trees!!!

This little cutie is around 12 inches tall. This was a little kit that i had gotten last year at Salt Lake Spring Market. I finally finished it. I still have to sew on the tiny border, but all the hand work is done. It is wool and twill sewn onto checkered flannel and then stitched down the center seams.

Lynnette Anderson's block of the month Noah's ark. So i have finally caught up the last 3 months!! yay!! only to get a new one ...what, next week? i am prepared though...... I still have finish chopping them to size and add the borders. not tooo bad though.

Remember these? Well, i decided to do something similar to this. I love it when inspiration comes from another sewers blog! Thanks for the great idea. i have always wanted to try making one of these. Love the X pattern in the white. These blocks are 9" square. Really pretty easy to make. I of course have 18 blocks done, but needed more fabric. So last week a snuck out for a bit and went and got me some. When i returned and looked at my stash i had added 2 different ones (still in the line)......whoooops. Good thing they can just jump in and be added without it looking too weird. I am hoping to get around 30 blocks done. maybe more. Really they work up pretty quick. gotta love that!

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Blogger Amy said...

Love the houses, too cute! Looks like you had fun in Bear Lake!

25/8/08 4:06 PM  
Blogger Chocolate Cat said...

I'm still not up to date with my Noah's ark, got 2 to go!! Hoping to get it done before next week....
Love your houses!

26/8/08 4:15 AM  
Blogger Julie said...

Love it all- especially the houses. Everything's okay at our house. So nice of you to ask. I actually subbed for Karissa's teacher half day yesterday and some this morning. She had a medical emergency. So, life has been a bit hectic. Hoping to actually have a day with some sewing and crafting soon--after all it's been 16 years since I was ALONE!! Take care. Julie

26/8/08 3:17 PM  

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