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Over the Weekend

Here is the birthday boy with his quilt!! He turned the big 8. he actually really did love it. Last night we were sitting on the back porch and he wrapped himself up in it so the squittos wouldn't get him. He also had me tie a belt around his waist while he was swaddled in it to keep it on him when he walked around the house. funny.
We got him some leggos with a all terain vehicle and trailer with a jet ski on it. he immediatly put it together and hauled it all upstairs to his other leggo collections.
We got a few packages in the mail this weekend
Here we have my fabric square trade!! i wrapped up the 10 rolls and got in return 10 different packages from others!! yay. check out that cute little one at the bottom in paper. fancy.... She also sent along a button on a card. cute. Thanks to all those who played! I totally forgot about them for a few days really and then got an email saying they were that kind of suprise.
Not sure where the pictures went.....i am looking for the ones i took of the kids opening the box from the Carvers. We love our new stuffed Eduardo and Mystery. I will hunt those down or take new ones i guess. They are cute and they got a hoot out of opening it and reading the little scrapbook that came along. We got ours all ready and it went away this afternoon to thier new home. Hope you like it all. I will post pic's on the package after i know they can't peak.
I did do some sewing this weekend but have no pics as proof. I quilted 2 small (20 X20) quilts for Utah Quilt Guilds annual meeting this month. they are donated and then you buy tickets to purchase one....they draw a win, or don't. The tops were donated from Main STreet quilters and so i finished them up.
I also turned in the 'ugly quilt' and one other one that Main Street Quilters donated for the quilts for a cure foundation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great quilt!! Not sure why you use brown, but the quilt is wonderful just the same. :)

10/9/08 5:20 PM  

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