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Finally my 'cord' for the new camera came in the mail.....only for me to open and see the 'charger' again. thinking to myself...what are they doing? i said the cord!!!----but wait, there is a little thingie on the side..hmmmmm....what? it pops out and is the actual plug there?! let me check the other 'charger'....yup, it has the same thing too.... so let's not ask today how stupid can i be?! thanks......

Now it is charged. Looks spiffy, played around with it. Sort of understand all the little buttons and whistles and do-dads. I'm sure it will take a bit. So today is the first pictures from it!! yay....i think that they are very nice!
It makes a big difference though in my camera bag. this little girl fits right in the little inside pocket of the bag! I am thinking that a new bag is in order......

I finished it---"HENS AND CHECKS" completely.

Let me tell you what i have learned from this quilt. I don't really like quilting from the back.....the back (which is the front) got a little out of wack. The edges weren't really that nice in the end. Just a little wonky as i say. Plus, you really have to be aware of the pattern you are quilting. Mine ended up just a bit more dense than i would have liked. Not sure if i would do it again. We'll see.

This is far enough away that you can't see the bird and leave pattern. sorry.

Here is the back!!! they are pheasants i think.

This would be the repeating pattern on the back. I outlined the hens and most of the flowers and threw leaves in the tree too. kind of a lot.
I am thinking that the son turning 8 will get it. First he is a bird guy. second- he loves orange. third- it is his birthday......might be a good 'dragger' quilt. something to eat popcorn and movie watching with. I will wash and pucker it perfect for him.

Went to quilt meeting tonight. They did some pumpkin table topper. i have one, so i didn't do it. just sat around and gabbed a bit. Nice evening. Got another square for the block of the month quilt i am working on. The tops are due in December at the dinner meeting for a little show off. I need to get some more blocks done so i am ready.
So i am still working on that 100th post give-away....... so don't forget!!- are you afraid that i will? i sort of am........

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Blogger Liz said...

Don't you just hate those "senior moments!" (At least that is what my 87 year-old grand mother calls them.) As for the quilt - it looks beautiful. I haven't tried quilting from the back- thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

5/9/08 12:14 PM  

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