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7 DAYS AND 2000 MILES travel log

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7 DAYS AND 2000 MILES travel log

I am sooo excited!! Bonnie is doing another mystery quilt. Yay!! I didn't do the last one (i just couldn't find the time). :( But alas, she is starting another one. This one is more on the lap quilt size and named Old Tobacco Road. Has some browns in there, so if you are frightened by that...maybe you'll have to pass this time. I have many drawers full of scraps and are ready to be used up. I really should make a challenge and get them all gone!! Start fresh, new, fun, and of course don't forget the shopping bonus of picking new things to get.

My mother stopped in today and we went to Quilters Haven. Boy, they have got a great sale going on now!!! they have some jelly rolls and charm packs on 50% off!!! making them $15.00!!! ooooooo eeeeee!!! of course i had to restrain myself and only get things that i had a purpose for !)

If only......such a dreamer.

I ordered a book the other day......a quilt with small quilt patterns.....small blocks.....maybe around 200 or so........the Dear Jane book------da,da,daaaaaaa

Everyone already thinks that i'm crazy, so to late to say it again. I am sort of , just a little bit, excited about it. Let's see how i feel after a few blocks....that's what all of you are saying huh?! At the store today they had a bunch of fat 8th's for 50 cents a piece. I of course stocked up on the prints/colors that i liked. Not bad, and now the collection has started!!! I need to get my background fabric and then i can start.

We'll tomarrow evening we are off to camping. Last one i think for this season. We are headed up to the boy scouts camp Stiener....something. Up in the Uintas. Looking like it will be just a bit on the chilly side.

I'll leave you with a little show of the 4 heads trip (Mt. Rushmore) fun stuff. Then i'll be back to show off some more.
What the window showed each morning. Thanks Big K----

Dino Museum in Vernal, Utah

Sideways picture of a crazy quilt in Craig, Co. museum.

Kids on old fire-truck. the lady came and rang the bell.

Nothing like a good 'ol hair cut in the trailer!! (honey is sitting)

The sign should have "breathless" at the top above all the other words.

Same town as the chocolate store.....the quilting store. CLOSED!!!!!! waaaaaaaa

The top one by Mary is the best. It became the motto by the end of the trip.

Chimney Rock. Lots of pioneers traveled passed here. We just chilled at the museum. It was a hot one!

Wind Caves. Fantastic. Nice and chilly, dark, spooky, and TONS of stairs!!

Crazy Horse. Here is all the kids in front of the small replica. When the biggie (behind lit up) is finished- this is what it will look like. INCREDIBLE!!!! when it is done...forever away....I am so going.

The RV DUMP station. Aren't us girls glad we got our boys around to do these kind of things? I'll stick with doing kids hair, and cooking any day!

Inside the Waterfall Cave (don't know the name)

At the end you find a fuzzy waterfall. It just constantly goes at a tremendous speed.

Outside enjoying the view with out little packable stuffed animal travelers.

Peanut enjoying a walk after eating pie at the Purple Pie Palace.

After visiting Mt. Rushmore we headed on over to the lake. Of course we came ill prepared (we borrowed a van) and had no swimming suits on hand. Have you ever had a chance to be "white trash"? Well, this was our moment. The was soooo tempting. beg, plead, beg some more, whine....fine!!!! take off your shirts and shorts. jump on in. have some fun. no inhibitions. us parents----we don't know anyone (luckily that was the case).... the honey had a hard time about this. me---i was this close to joining them. :)

Devils Tower..........oooooooooo . there was a guy climbing on the left hand side. might be that little speck. crazy!!!

There of course was some "homework" while we went to the parks. The kids earned some Junior Ranger Badges along the way.

Hope everyone enjoyed viewing the show. Tune in on Monday for another quick one.

Then, no more trips......only to the fabric stores and to the quilting attic.

Enjoy your labor day weekend doing nothing! I know i'll be doing just that....nothing....aaaaaaa

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Blogger Liz said...

Wow! What a great trip. I'm glad to see you have fun taking photos for the swap. We sure have had fun with it too.

30/8/08 9:54 AM  

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