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whosies--written whatnots: TO DREAM ---THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM....



So there is a quilt store in the next town over that is closing it's doors. I want to cry.....not because i can't shop, because I don't have any money to buy it. :(
I have been playing with the idea for a few months now, have some.....if i do say so myself.....fantastic ideas for a store. They had bought the store 3 years ago, and even back then i had thought...hmmmmm... about it. So while thinking up my whole 'business plan' and stuff, i was in fact i was thinking to myself.....this would be a whole lot easier if i could just buy a store and their name, and change it just a bit. So of course, be careful what you wish for, because here we go. What an opportunity..... What to do, what to do......
So this is a shout out-----anyone out there wanting to spend some money---sort of big money-- on an investment?! hee, hee.
On the sewing front.....normal life has taken first seat in the home. There has been no time for it. I just might be able to do a little tonight.
OH, let me tell you gals about something. This year the Utah Quilt Guild is collecting quilts for the quilts for cancer organization. They had a goal of 500 quilts by sept. annual meeting in Ogden (lots of classes, quilt show, silent auctions, lunches..). So far they have over 750!!! yikes!!! I of course have the ugliest quilt ever that will be going that way. There are a few little ones i need to get quilted for their silent auction. They were pieced by others and then just donated or whatever, so this is where they go. Of course you would have to ask when the meeting for turning in these things would be? well, it would be on monday. Lucky me the procrastinator!
Well, dinner is done, honey is playing wall-e-ball, and the kids are outside enjoying this beautiful cool evening. I think i might get to sneak in some sewing after all.....

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Blogger Julie said...

I just went today--it's looking bare. I think you should convince your parents to invest--isn't that what parents are for-LOL??!! You would be fabulous as a shop owner. Keep dreaming--dreams can come true, you know!! Julie

4/9/08 9:15 PM  

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