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Wanna be start'n someth'n

Wanna be start'n somethin, gotta be start'n somethin.....
I know that it will take a minute, but you'll remember it.......hint....micheal jackson...... a long time ago....... :) oh, yea.....

i heard it today on the radio. funny. i almost turned the channel. then i thought, boy it's been a long time. Then i cranked it. The kids didn't get it, but i sure did....momma say momma saw momma mocku saw...(i have no idea how to spell that one ). You'll thank me later when you have it in your head and it won't leave you alone...hee....heeeeee. ( i am saying that in an evil manner)

Here are some pics of the package we got. i was going to have the kids re-pose, but thought that everyone already knew and that would be kind of silly. so here is just the items.

They sent us EDUARDO- he is the big red boy. then there is MYSTERY- she is the little purple sister. They are such a pair together aren't they? Oh, Eduardo has a cute little red heart in his big mouth pocket. They said that they had bought Eduardo 1st and that after the maker found out it was for a little summer trade they 'mysteriously' sent them the other package. fun huh?!
Now- take a look at this cute journal they sent. All of the little embelishments. way cute. Even that little tiny sleeping bag...of course everyone had to stick their finger inside to see if it was really real. Ours didn't turn out that embelished. in fact it wasn't. But is was cute. Can't wait to share!!!
With the Gotta be start'n somethin....theme i had to of course. Well, ok this was started last night, not today...but good theme anyways.
Can you guess how many?! 184-or 187 somethin... can't remember. It's for the Old Tobacco Road Quilt. I know that sometimes i say...i'm going to do this....and then this time i thought...JUST DO IT!!!! i love her quilts and even though this one is all finished on her site. that was some quick instructions, i thought...i am forging ahead. So off to step 2 for me!! I did peak though at the finished quilt and it's cute. Not so much a mystery anymore for me :(
I am a bit confused at what my count is for posts here.....on the right side it will be 99. but when i log in and there is a count there it says did i miss the 100 mark or not!! why do they make things so hard for me?!!!
Well- let's just say that no. I didn't. That I will have a drawing when i get the 100th up!!! I will work on it tonight. I have a few ideas......maybe a 'Lucy with some leftovers'.....something like that.....or maybe not. anyways.
keep a watch'n ..........'cause I'm



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