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Peanuts new home

I decided to go ahead and make myself a new camera case. The other one was large enough for a small wallet and pad of paper, some snacks, some gum, and whatever else i could stuff in there along with the camera. (this new one is so much smaller than the old one).

This is where Peanut resides. She just hangs out in the camera bag waiting for new adventures to be included in. I made it a little taller than the daughters bag so she would fit. She can actually stand up and peak out at all the happenings around her. I put the bird back on the front and used some ribbon i got from the thrift store the other day. I have a ton more. I am thinking of cutting it up into like 2-3 yard pieces and selling them.

Last night we cleaned up the fire pit area and had a little bon fire dinner. of course nothing fancy....just some good ol american hot dogs and smores. I know that it is the end of the season and a little late in doing this, but we have been gone if you haven't noticed!? Plus i think that we were going through smores with drawels since we have been home and haven't been on our trips eating the usual camping treats.

mm. mmm.. mmmm...

The neighbors came for a brief moment to check it out.

Not sure what happened here with the camera (still learning) but the Honey's head is on fire!!! HE's a HOT ONE!!
pretty cool though huh?
I thought i might show off some garage sale finds from saturday. I picked up 3 feed sacks. one salt one sugar. They are smaller in size.

I got a flour sack also that had been sewn across the top and then a slit in the back for putting clothes hangers into. I like it because ---do you see it in the faint red print?
it has Salt Lake City across the bottom. I am not sure that i have me one of those.

I am i guess still 'collecting' these since i haven't found 'the one' pattern for them all. I have around 260 blocks of 5x5 squares of feedsack prints. I got them in Houston last year. I also have a little pile of these white feedsacks with prints on them. Not sure if i should mix the 2 or keep them in different quilts. One with the lables and one with the prints. Oh, hey maybe i should make the back out of the larger white one with stamps and the front with the little blocks. that might just work! i am still needing a pattern for the front though. mmmmm (not in a yummy way)
I have been working on my Strawberry trade. It will be done in time and mailed off probably by friday. I will post the pics when i have sent it out.
Still getting used to the new we're at home schedule. We have gotten out of the habit of doing jobs. I have to step over the whole toy room it seems like to reach my room. They say they are "still playing" sure....but i guess there are times that my sewing area looks like that and i say "but i'm still sewing"..ya.....they learn well from example.

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Blogger goooooood girl said...

Good good good......

9/9/08 9:44 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

I saw that floor sack and almost bought it--but wondered what to do with it--now I know!!! have a good one. julie

10/9/08 2:51 PM  

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