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Sorry about the late know how it goes. But here we go.

There were only 7 so your chances of winning were actually pretty good compared to some 550 i've seen around blogville.

Names put in a small container:



LUCY is going to BELGUIM----how cool is that!

OH, she is soooo excited let me tell you!

Everyone must go over to margy's blog. She has some great ideas and take a look at that food!! (that of course would be the crafted food--not the cooked kind).

She is hosting a cupcake swap. I definitly signed up for that one---of course. :) I think it is still open too.

Hope everyone has a great day. i have a few things listed on my to-do list today that i am excited about doing!! of course they would be crafty things. We'll see how things spill out. It's too early to tell.

Thanks for playing Lucy and her leftovers!!

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Blogger Margy said...

Thank you so much becky. I will provide Lucy with a nice new home and she will love Belgium, especially the chocolates...

15/9/08 9:19 AM  
Blogger Julie said...

Lucky Lucy to get to go to Belgium. See you on Wednesday!! julie

15/9/08 2:01 PM  
Blogger Chocolate Cat said...

Oh I missed this giveaway, bother!! I would of loved Lucy to come to Australia!! I am sure she will love her new home in Belgium with Margy.

17/9/08 5:51 PM  

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