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Englarge the pattern 200%

Why is it that i just cannot make myself do this? Why is it that all the dolls I make are miniature. Why can't I just go ahead and enlarge the stink'n pattern that 200% and end up with something larger than 6"? The questions could just keep going. Let me just show you allright?!

Here she is awake.

Here she is asleep.
She is 8"tall - from her top of her head to the end of her skirt. This is the 1st ever topsy doll I have ever made. Lately i have had a facination with dolls. i want to learn how to make different ones and then ...the hair. I have learned the fabric type, now --the yarn one. It isn't too terrible once you get a hang of it. The sleeping gal has little curls in the back of hers. cute. I think that by the 2nd head i kind of, sort of, knew what to do.

Then the face. I am not that great for some reason with the mouths. I need to just do a whole bunch to get the hang of it. The eyes....I thought that maybe they were too big for her. But really i should go bigger on my other dolls. It is alright. I need to work on that.
All in all, the construction was farely simple. Just the same as the others (except a head at each end). Arms sewn on each side and then the dress. It is not removable obvoisly, not that difficult. Suprisingly. Just had to make 2. I didn't embelish them as much as the pattern, but they are ok. Simple Amish-ish. She has no name. Any suggestions?

Here are some more pics:

So here is the question: IS IT EASIER TO MAKE A LARGER DOLL?
I have some other patterns that i would like to try,
Maybe this time i will enlarge it.

Hey- before i get sidetracked...what is your opinion on e-patterns. Ones that you download and print -vs- the real deal. A printed kind. I am throwing some ideas around and spent 3 hours at my sisters home figuring out a layout for one. It would be real cute printed up, but do you like the immediate reward? or the 'I can wait' copy? I would love some opinions if you would love to share them. Thanks!



Blogger Liz said...

I love her hair - it is so cute! I say bigger is easier but they take more time.

19/9/08 4:30 AM  
Blogger Dallas said...

I'm just stopping by to say Hi. I'm your swap partner for the button swap. You've got some really great crafts on your blog.

20/9/08 8:56 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

hi, dallas.thanks for popping on over. i am collecting as we speak- or peak.

21/9/08 9:12 PM  

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