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Sneak Peak for Monday

Update: I fixed it. i surfed for a little bit and then voila!!
I think that i will rename this later once i get the pics on. What happened? I have tried it all and they won't load. :( aaaarrrrrggggghhhhh!!!! I wait alll day to post and this is what i get. grrrr...
So look for an update later i guess. hopefully waiting patiently will get me some pictures..... please????

Well, we went to grandmas again and got of course a few more things. I picked up a nice collection of crochet hooks. I do like to crochet...and lucky for me i have every size i would need. Then take a look at what else i found:

Isn't that cute? i just called her to find out the story of it. She can't remember. She can remember quotes and stories like you wouldn't believe, but not items. So when she has a moment of 'recall' i will get the story and then make a label for it. It is painted or crayoned and then hand quilted around it. Nothing spectacular, but still might be a baby blanket of hers.

I got my other package today of buttons!!!! yay. Now don't you fear trade persons, yours will be on their way tomarrow.
Thanks for the cute stuff. She even shared her hand embroidered ones. They would go perfect with the Noah's Ark stitchery wouldn't they? Check out the teenie, tiniee ones. oh, yea. buttons for pixie girls.

Sneak Peak

man i have something cute to share...
and no pics, sorry.
Coming Monday October 6th
I am working on something that will be finished and loaded on Monday. You won't want to miss out.......

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Blogger Julie said...

Becky--got your message about the jars--thanks so much!! I can even get them from you if you would like, so you don't have to store them until July!! It looks like your Grandma has some great treasures...have a great weekend. Julie

3/10/08 7:51 PM  

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