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Such a Busy Gal

This might be a long one. I have been busy and haven't been sharing!
Thursday i went with the girl scouts to Kennecot Copper mines. Fun Stuff. HAve never seen a dump truck so large in my life! monster big!
Check out this sign...

I also got in the mail one of the two buttons from swappers! yay...

These were my favorites...oh, what to do with them....

Thanks Linda!!! i love them all!!!
On Friday I met my mom in Ogden and went to the Annual Meeting at the Hilton Hotel. It is for Utah Quilt Guild. This year the theme was a hawaiin theme. There were a lot of fun stuff!! Before i get to those great things that i saw let me tell you----the quilts that they have been collecting for the Quilts for Cancer, for clinics for cancer rehab. anyways...they have collected 1200 and something quilts!!!! Can you even believer? Crazy stuff!!!

So here is the favorites of the quilt show:

What a cute and simple cut up 9 patch. might have to try me one of those. Very scrappy too.

Kaffe Faucet. Met him, love him....and all his quilty goodness. This seems to be one of his less complicated patterns. Of course my mom -- who has all his books, doesn't have the one that this one is in. We might have to wing it. I have a little fat quarter stash and this might do the trick!

Just one block for the Breast Cancer Quilt blocks. People buy the fat quarter, make a cute block, turn it in and then they are put into quilts and auctioned off.
Check this out though.... wouldn't that make the cutest quilt all over? Might have to try me one of those...did i already say that?!

You might have to blow this baby big to really 'see' it. It is these wonderful Japanese Woven fabrics!!! They would be of course $19 per yard! yikes! but it really is stupendous!!! The tectures, patterns and overall look of it. WOW --- oh, this was in the vendors mall and not in the quilt show, but sooo worth the picture.

Dear Jane inspiration.

Love the outside border.

Amish quilt. This was still stunning from far away.

just plain 'ol cute.

I just love the little snails. See them?

If you look just right you can see the stretched star. Fun. and scrappy too.

Lastly: Why is this here? It was in the springville quilt show too. What are people thinking? You definitly need to blow this is sewn with CAT fabric. It's the Cat Chicken Quilt. No kidding. What?! Who?! Oh, my....
I don't want to end the quilt show on a sour note so here is some good eye candy and inspiration:

Isn't she just the cutest?
We had a little quilt group at my home on Friday night too. Boy it was just one great quilt day!! We dyed some fabric and then made some cute pin cushions. We dyed the doilies to go with them too. Then we stuffed them with crushed walnuts and tied them with skinny jute string really tight.

I also just changed out the quilt in my living room. I thought that maybe the summer one needed to become a fall one. So here it is:

This was an 'ugly' quilt challenge. You buy a brown bag with 4 --1 yard fabrics-- inside. Then you make a quilt and turn it in. It is judged, favorited, and then they have an award night. They haven't done this for 3 years now :( i really like doing it. Boy, there were some horid fabric, but it definitly was a challenge and put you out of your comfort zone.
The four fabric are---the outside orangish border, the batik that has little X is in, the inner brown striped border, and the dark brown brickish pattern one. My technique for applique has drastically improved since then. But i still love the log cabins and everything looks pretty good together.

I love the 'i had no idea it was 1/4 inch scale' comment and will leave you with that!


Blogger Julie said...

Thanks for Friday night. I am behind in my blogging--way too much to do--way too little time. Laughing about the quilt that keeps following you----AHHHHHHH!!! julie

30/9/08 2:34 PM  

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