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My Highnie grew--- i just know it

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My Highnie grew--- i just know it

I think that my highnie (i have no idea how to spell that one) has grown a good inch or so. i have sat on it alllllll dayyyyy. And in the car no less.

Do you have a day where you just spend the whole thing in the car? Only to get out when you have to go to the bathroom, pick up a kid, drop something off, or eat? Today----that was it.
This morning i spent with the family (honey and kids) at my grandma's home. She moved into a retirement place and is going to list her home--with me! we chatted, gabbed, and signed things. Then we headed on over to her empty home and searched. See, everything left there is for the taking. So we took! Of course the kids ended up with ...who knows what! it is sooo interesting to see what they just l-o-v-e. Ohhhhh, they were in heaven garage sale! What more could you ask for?

So now we have some extra stuff hanging around here. I cannot complain though because of my own giddieness as i searched through the sewing area. Check out my findings: sorry some of these pics didn't get turned.

1 shoe box full of felt leftovers. And to think that i was needing to go to the store and stock up again. yay for me!

A small stash of hankies, pillowcases, and sheets. My grandma's favorite color- purple. purple bedding, purple shirts, purple curtains, and the favorite---purple hankie.

A crocheted little hot pad. A flower pot one. It hangs with a few crocheted dresses hot pads that i have. I am pretty sure that she made this one. I think i'll ask though, because it might be my great grandma price who did??? hmmm..

A box of thread. I know that some of this stuff is pretty old and maybe not the greatest condition, but they might work for some small projects that won't get a lot of washing. Still, thread, big box, every color imaniable, and color coded---wow.

Not sewing item but fun still the same. A tea set. this is from portugal. We used to live in Spain when i was growing up and here we have some memouires. I of course was at the age that i didn't collect these things. Lucky for me i can collect others collections!

A pair of salt and pepper Hen and Rooster shakers. Aren't they just lovely? they will of course be residing in the transom window with my other little collections.
ok so we got home. Then we went to lunch (at 3 pm i think we called it dinner) then back home to drop off 2 kids. Then i drove back to ogden to drop off the quilts that were overloading my suburban. Then came back, picked up some milk, picked up jerika for soccer practice. Waited for her to be done (did some stitching too) and then back home. So now, i have to figure out where to put all the new stuff. I seriously have to organize my sewing area. It is a BIG mess and yikes...when i try to find anything.
Well, so maybe tomarow will be a sitting day ---again...but on the highnie to organize something.
We'll see how that goes.
Until then, I will be looking over my goodies.....thanks grandma



Blogger Chris Salley said...

You have a new layout! Thanks for the little people suggestion. I love that site! I added it to my blog links.

30/9/08 8:42 PM  
Blogger Chocolate Cat said...

Wow these are some fantastic goodies! I love the hen shakers, they are so cute! Good luck finding room to put everything- always a big task!

1/10/08 1:43 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

You scored!! I hope your Grandma is doing okay. I think those salt and pepper shakers would look so grand at my house--but I will not covet!! Julie

1/10/08 3:55 PM  

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