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whosies--written whatnots: Before and After


Before and After

So today my head is somewhere else.....the stuffy nose, sort of...the runny nose, sometimes...the scratchy throat, alllll day long....and it goes on. But never fear...the good neighbor Amy is here! She came over around 12-ish and picked me up to go a little shopping. I don't care how crumby you feel a ride in a quiet car (and me not driving it), with a lovely friend, a little cash in the wallet...and of course the errand----Quilt stores!! yayyyyy
I picked up some cute fabric for a quilt that we are going to be doing next year...a chocolate one. fun. + a few pieces for other on-going projects.
Thus, i am left with a lot of befores and afters. Plus i got some mail, + i did some'll see:

Explanation 1st: This is my sewing 'nook'. We finished some rooms upstairs and they are all atticy type rooms. the shorter ceilings (never been an issue with me :) , the slanted walls, the long narrow type room. Well this is my nook. The other side of the L shaped room is the kids 'nook' -play area.....more like the distruction zone. ughh.. but as you can see i am really not that great of an example to them. When i came home today from the lovely "errand" i walked into this.....yikes.

After getting a bunch of grandmas stuff. i really needed to do this. I couldn't find anything the other day. the buttons all over, the ribbon in 3 spots, same goes with the ricrac and zippers, and bindings....ect. Now......lovely. each in their own special place. Plus the buttons got into a larger bin so they won't overflow everytime i take a peak. Ahhhh......oh, it's nice.
Truth: i just stuffed the fabric back into the drawers and shut them!!! yay... but i did go through what was on the top of them and sort of organized that stuff.


Cute little stuffed wool strawberries. these little guys are going into the bowl with my larger ones on the table for awhile. a baggie of strawberry gummies. mmmmmm. A strawberry pen---funny i sent her one too..heehee. such good taste. + a lovely wool felt book cover with a little pad of paper inside with the strawberry on the front. very nice. A strawberry card, 2 strawberry recipes, 3 strawberry related pins. Big picture further down....they are K-UTE!!!

Monkey girl/guy haven't decided yet. Love the little strawberry fabric too. I might steal the idea for the cupcake swap......whooooo knowwwwwsss... Ok. she is a girl and her name is Rosie.

Check this out--- she sent a quilt~ a little table topper. I love the applique strawberry in the center. You did a great job Beth for being your first go at it!! OH, take a closer look...she tied it with green floss at the corners. They are just cute.

Oh, fuzzy but cute label. I didnt' label mine :(

Close-up of the pins. I know that everyone would want to see these. I just love them!! i need to have a special pin cushion just for these!!!

I got the Strawberry Swap from Beth. I love everything she sent!!! Thanks beth.



My buttons arrived!! whooopiieee!!! now i can stuff my tins and then send them on their way. WHat to choose....hmmmmm.
I thought that I would share what i sent to beth- now that she has her package also:
A little rolled wool pin cushion, a pad of strawberry paper, matching pen, a little strawberry needle case, 2 doilie Strawberries....(i dyed them with red jello), 2 strawberry coasters and then a strawberry table quilt.
Here is the quilt all by itself without everything on top of it.
Now---off to stuff some tins.

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Blogger Julie said...

High five on the cleaning!! Love your swaps. julie

2/10/08 4:43 PM  
Blogger Chocolate Cat said...

What fantastic 'strawberry' goodies!! Love the little quilts. Your sewing nook looks great now.

6/10/08 4:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooo! I love all the strawberry goodness! I don't remember seeing this stuff on the flikr group?

13/1/09 12:02 AM  

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