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Crazy Bat Lady

So, why didn't anyone leave a little comment saying: crazy bat come the link doesn't work? It has been what --2 days and i am thinking everything is grand. mmmm, not so much! It has come to my attention that when you clicked on the click here button it took you to my etsy shop....then you thought...i thought that this was free?? what???


go to the previous post or you can just link it here.

Try that.....better? (If it isn't someone tell me.)

crazy bat lady.

Well- i of course have done my 4th bat for the kids (that would be because i was the only one with the pattern) so here it is. I was at first afraid of going away from the 'traditional' halloween colors, but i thought what the heck. This is what i came up with. I think i like them in all kinds of spooky colors. I put it over in the flickr group too, again i am the only one posting there too;)

I also have been finishing up a couple more of the Quick Stitch Patterns. They will be over in the shop later on today.

See his acorn just at the right bottom?



He has a pocket in the front to collect his acorns!!!

He also has a wonderful floppy tail to help keep him balanced.

Rocket and Aliens

I guess it has a astronaut too. This rocket can stand on its own with a tinsy amount of manuevering along with it's alien and space boy astronaut. They are around 2" tall with the rocket being 5X3. They are currently residing on a scary, rusty, speckally outdoor area ready at a moments notice for anything that looks adventurous.

Go check them out at the shop. Make your own adventure!

I have some other things that i am working on -----not quick stitch patterns---- but something just as fun. At least to me. Of course there are things i should be quilting and getting ready for the present season...but i'm not. oh, i did get my cupcake swap done last night and i did this one cupcake pot holder.....oh, my, goodness.....i will show you later.

Now, don't go call'n me a TEAS'N, CRAZY BAT LADY......



Blogger Amy said...

Your quick stitch animals are soooo cute! Love them! I think my favorites are the owl and the squirrel, but they are all too cute!

10/10/08 12:41 PM  

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