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Calling all Quilters

I went to this garage sale just this morning......YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!
It was 2 pees in a pod. They are designers that are local and were having a garage sale. Such great deals. I spent $20 bucks on all of my loot. I of course had to run home and let everyone know in the blog world of my goodies....

I was thinking (while i was shopping..woman...can do 2 things at once) who should i call????Julie?? she is gone, Mom?? she is far away, Angie?? don't have her #!!! oh......I tried! just means more for me!

Wool felt----my new collection will just love the additions.

1/4 were .25 and 1/2 were .50
Then there were bags of scraps for me some of those too. oh, i got one with 5" blocks...loaded. Did a swap last year, these will go in with those for a nickel quilt.

Check this out...finished stitchery $1.00 plus the pattern! Now, why would i want the pattern when it's already done....still taking it. oh, and they had bigger bundles too mostly $1.00/yard. Got this cute pink 30's print for a project.

The book collection.....3 crates full. I picked these 4. The needleworks one has some CUTE pin cushions and needle cases.

Now, i of course wasn't thinking all of myself. I was thinking ---christmas is coming---and i will need some little things for the swaps that we do in the groups. So of course i can accomodate those (not that i couldn't before) and cushions, little mug rugs, needle books...they are all good for the giving!
Hope everyone has a great weekend and can find some goodies for themselves.... it is taking everything in my body not to drive back up the hill to go and find some more ........



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