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Idol time?

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Idol time?

Do you have any idol time? Not least lately. Of course that would be my own fault. Now, i do find that i don't have much time....because i am sewing and stuff in between everything else. My evenings are the best time for me to sit and do whatever i would like.

I thought though that when i watch the t.v. i should be doing something too. (i have a hard time just sitting for a long time). This is what i came up with. Crochet. I used to do A Lot of this 10 years ago....haven't done anything for awhile.

I picked up this little book at Joannes that had a few projects in it. It has a pattern for a hat. I have never done a hat before....and one with ribbing! New to me!! I figured it out and went for it. Take a look:

It fits her just nice.....might try it again. The pattern doesn't have you do it in a circle though and so it has a seam down the back. I might try tweaking it just a bit so i can do it in a round......hmmmm
Went to quilt group last night....was ALL excited...a trunk show....nancy But, alas it stunk!!! We sat in the room. There were examples on the table in front of us. There were a few books (last years christmas one)....most of the ladies had it already. The gal presenting it is her stuff, cute huh?, oh, is that cake?.....walkes off...look at it at your leasure.... At my leasure? i wanted good instruction on who is she? is she utahn? yes... How long quilting? things like that. I wanted to touch, oooo, aaaaa, over it. nothing. hmmmmph. I was there for a total of 1 hour...that was shopping in the store time + wandering time +show and tell time + gabbing time... :(
I did find a few things that caught my eye:

Cute gift bags. Made out of a tea towel. Appliqued then a handle added or a pull ribbon that was threaded through the top. No need to do finished's all done for you!!

There was a gal that showed off her "2000" quilt. yes there are 2000 blocks in there + the wonderful applique border. whew. not sure if i should make me one of those. 8 years late...but looks like she is still on time :)

Just thought i would share some spools of thread that i picked up at the salvage store today. The back 2 are wool blends and the front is cotton. I might try another warm hat or something with those. Of course while sitting in front of the t.v.



Blogger Liz said...

My four year-old son found my little Pixie and fell in love with her. Yesterday he asked me to make her a pink dress. I followed your pattern and it turned out very cute! He loves her and has slept with her for the past two nights.

17/10/08 8:26 PM  

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