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whosies--written whatnots: November 2008



to the U.S.

Starting November 27th -the 1st of December
There will be new Christmas themed pocket people
and some additional stuffies ready to go
* pocket people are 4 for $15.00
you mix and match them yourselves!
* grab it bags $6.00
* Ornaments $5.00




Just a happy thought towards Thanksgiving!!

We are heading out to my sisters tomarrow to gobble up the good food and the good company-no gobbling, just clucking there. :)

Hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday.
Does anyone else feel like it is coming sooner each year? Is that why it's harder to get rid of the weight we just gained from eating too much the year before. Was it really a year ago?



Smappy Baby

I thought i would share my Smappy Babies.

They are small and scrappy---smappy.

They have either blond, brown, or red hair with 2 little piggy tails.
They are around 9" tall -not including the hair and 5" across the bottom.
There are no arms and legs on these smappies because they are a first doll. They are easily held and cuddled in a little blanket. Perfect little snugglers!!

I have them listed in the shop if you would like one.
Hope everyone had a great weekend.
I went to the "Nutcracker" with my 2 girls and my mom and sisters on saturday night. We met at the fabric store..hee hee and of course i picked up a little something for myself. Just a strip of fabric for a scarf for the evening. pink and lovely. Then to dinner and then to the ballet. It was the first experience for the 5year old daughter. She was very good until close to the end. Then she had a lot of did those monkeys jump backwards? (the little clowns) is the boy wearing girl clothes, can i take my boots off, do they practice every day? and then one time just laying the booklet on her face and sitting quietly. :)



Raggedy Anne

Here she is. My interpretation at least.
She has raggedy red hair that is pulled into a piggy tail. She's got two!!
She has little underwear that is permanent + removeable panties, pillow case dress with ric-rac edges and lace at the bottom, and a white eyelet apron skirt.

There are a few faces out there. I did this one plus 1 with the little red lips.

Cute panties and of course the heart.

I had a little hand tied quilt that i picked up this summer and cut it into 4 pieces. Each little raggedy ann got one. I did a quick binding edge on them to finish them off. Because they have been washed a lot they are super soft but still in great condition.

I Guess you could say that they are a 'limited' edition. I only have 4 of them. They aren't numbered or anything but that is it. They are unique -no repeat on the undies. They have the same outfit- that's it.

Three of them are for sale in the shop. Come on over and take a peak and maybe even take her home with you!!

The other one was hand picked by the picky honey for Eliza for christmas. I have a little raggedy ann book to go with it. An older one with her adventures. Very cute. Hope she likes it!!!

I love the idea of doing a book with a character.



Trivet anyone?

Went to Quilt group last night and it was really enjoyable. Everyone was in a great mood and their was much chatting going on. Planning for next year is under way and I am in charge of a row quilt!! yay...i have the idea, the patterns collected and one row i just need to finish it. I some how keep getting distracted by all the other noises in my mind. :)
So this was the project (we had no idea what we were doing): Bring with you a 13 -16" square block + a backing fabric the same size or larger.
May be a leftover block, lost, or whatever scraps you have sewn together block.
I brought this one below + added a 3" border around it. So it is around 16" square.

Then she had that Inso bright batting (from Joannes) that you use for hot pad and such. We laid our block down and then cut out batting out.
Then we layered them together, and waited for our turn at her Bernina Sewing machine. She had it all set up with different thread to choose from and her quilting foot on. OHHHHH NELLI- you wouldn't believe it if i told you- i'll tell ya anyways. IT RAN BY ITSELF!!!!!!!!!! i don't tell lies. You put your hands down, pressed on and off it went. It has a stitch regulator + it is motioned sensored. You move- it stitches, you stop, it slows down. There is no peddle to use when it is quilting (you use one when stitching normaly though). SOOOO COOL!!!
This cool toy will of course set you back $7000. a little much for the christmas budget and birthday budget and whatever budget i've got goin. :( Fun to use though. sigh....
ANyways- back to the project.
After quilting it and then a quick little binding, It is now a trivet--- you know, something that you put on the table or counter to protect them from the heat of the pan! It's a big one too, as you can see. Perfect for cookie sheets and big 9X13 pans too.

Insobright batting- see the little specs of the metal in it? it helps with whatever it's supposed to do :) It's a little crinkly, kind of funny.
Might be fun to make a few for christmas gifts. It's definitly a "green" project since it uses your scraps and leftover squares.
I'm sure it works great.........If you can dare use and dirty it!

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They found their tails

i have had these 4 little guys waiting around for some tails to be put onto them.....waiting, waiting...enough was enough. We took off to the park this afternoon -the sun was actually WARM!!- and i did just a bit of hand work while they played...with the occasional "will you push me" in between stitches.
I even brought my camera and took a few snapshots of them:

They are available now at the shop.

I am planning on having a sell in the shop on December 1st. I will keep everyone in the loop with updates. I have some stuff that has been hanging around for far too long and it needs to be gone!

Here are my 4 hanging around up at the top. oh, happy sunshine!!


What's on your tree?

I decided to join the ornament fun that everyone is having!!!

There are 3 designs. They are 4" round and made from wool felt. The silhouettes are machine sewn on the cut up log cabin blocks that are machine quilted. Then the front and the back are hand stitched and a ribbon attached onto the top for hanging fun.
They really aren't "christmasy" so they could be used anytime really. They are in country-ish colors of red, yellow, and blue. They have co-ordinating highlights on them.

They are at my Etsy shop for purchasing with free shipping too!!

So much for the doll week. I am still working on them and hopefully will have some

Raggedy Anns in the shop tomarrow!!! Oh, they are cute. :)

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Build it yourself--hints

I thought i would share a few hints for the build it yourself parties:
i am thinking go ahead and steal away!! If anyone does this you must share some pics. fun stuff.
oh, and then when i was thinking some more---you could do like dinosaurs for boys, and robots (square and simple), some different animals- lions, dogs, ...and such. I am not sure that dolls would work. You can't use weird fabric that is forgiving like that fake fur stuff.

I kept it simple as far as color goes. I did have the lighter pink fleece but decided because of their age less choices the better. If they were older i would have done different colors for more of a variety. Maybe even do the main bodies a little different from each other too. They would come up with some different stuff. oh, you could do a dog party....have long ears, short ears, long tails, short tails....ect. that would be fun!!
We took just barely under an hour to pick and finish them. That was for the 6. I was the only one sewing. If you had any more than that you would need another sewer. They were patient, but it couldn't have been any longer. Make sure you alot enough time.
I am going to finish the last two today and save them in the christmas box. We have a couple of parties to go to and they will work great!! That is the bonus!! I made 8 parts and bodies and so i had 2 left over + the one that i made for an example. So that is 3 freebies that i can either sell or keep for other gifts. Lucky me and the reciever!
I am trading this little hedgehog guy with Jenny. She is making me a little doty doll bee for me.

This is the little guy with 'oceany' fabrics. If you would like to make your own hedgehog check out the pattern in my shop.
Have a great weekend guys. I am hoping to get some sewing things done this week. Maybe will have a doll week next week!!! Come back and check it out.
Party On......




It was a Birthday Day today for miss Eliza. She turned 5!! yay The baby is getting older :(

I had been thinking about what to do ....for the party and all. Then of course my crazy brain took over and this is what i came up with:

This was the mock-up. First she loves pink. So of course i chose some pink fake fur that was on clearance + some pink striped stuff + some pink fleece. There were 6 girls coming to the party so it really turned out not toooo crazy.

1st up: Pick your parts!! Would you like a kitty cat, a bunny, or a bird???

2nd: Let me pin it and sew it and then you get to stuff it!!

Wait---just stuff the animal!

3rd: Finished Product + 6 happy, giddy, noisy, funny, squeeky little girls:

Now before everyone goes crazy like i am....i had all the parts ready to go. The bodies were stitched-faces and bellies, and the arms and legs were stuffed and everything. So just picking, pinning, sewing and stuffing were needed. The poly fuzzy fabric doesn't ravel so the final stitch on the bottom edge with the legs tucked in is not a nice seam. But the fur covers it up and it stays together! Plus all the edges are raw. I just sew the fabric onto the fleece and then stuff it. No turning these out so it makes it less work. Plus a few little raggy, fuzzy edges are cute when they get used.
Oh, I made strips of fleece with a butterfly or flower stitched onto it so they could tell thiers apart.
I would never do that for a larger group, but it turned out fun and cute, and the girls liked them.
ok, you can call me crazy.


My Wrists will be warm!

I have this issue...of wanting....of coypying....and then of making things. This time: Hand warmers or fingerless mitts...whatever you would like to call them.

Remember the large spools of wool thread?

$1 Buck Each!!! Well, i did the brown (not shown) and the variagated blue and brown in the back together. Made a great thread together.

Hey- where is that blue? I should have done that one too!!

They are all over the place. Lisa made some on her loom. I thought that i would give it a try on the crochet hook. I am a crocheter and not a knitter (know it, don't really like it). They are on Etsy and a ton of people are knitting them. Winter is coming i guess.
So i searched and searched and found this pattern. Hard to find a crochet one. Oh, now that i look at the one she made hers is really much longer on the arms. maybe i'll add few lines. anyways...

I found the pattern pretty easy to do really. I did change one thing. At the end-the top by all your fingers- i found the width just a bit big. I felt like it was falling off or something. So i skipped a stitch after every other stitch and brought the width back in. Plus i did the crochet in both loops not just the back on like the rest of the body is done. Turned out just what i needed.

And- I turned it inside out. I find it a little tighter fit and i liked this. It is pretty nice that it is reversable. :) What stitch do you like game? this one....or this one....or this one...or this one???

What do you think? Wool too!!! Super warm and really I am not itchy either. I could make another pair really big and then felt it....more work though. Overall i think each hand took around an hour. Not too terrible for something that will last the least. I am thinking that i might add a little something to the top. a felted owl or bird or something cutesy like that. I should do a lace edge too....fancy.
ok that might be a bit much. ANyways...
Has anyone out there tried a different pattern or made your own? Would you like to share? Let's all go and take a peak at what-cha got!!



Clear Bag Tutorial

Friday night a few of us girls got together and made some clear bags with zippers at the top. They turned out really cute, Plus very easy to do.

Christmas is coming, wether we like it or not. :)
I thought that these are Perfect for project keepers....either sewing, paper, or whatever else you have in mind.

1 zipper per bag
2 strips of fabric per bag
Plastic for the bag- I used the table plastic cover you can get from Joanne's. I did medium thickness. Sewed great. If you get the thicker stuff or you find your plastic sticking terribly when sewing lay a piece of tissue paper under and on top of it when sewing. Then it can't stick to your feed dogs or your pressure foot. ALSO: We cut our bag size (the length of the zipper + the width we wanted) with the fold at the bottom. This makes your life easy when trying to line things up before sewing the sides. Believe me!!

Pick out your zippers and cut 2 strips per bag. Mine were cut to 3" by whatever the length of the zipper was. If you would like your bag smaller than the zipper than leave it long right now. you can trim it later.

To save some time and an extra step fold over one edge 1/4 inch to the wrong side and iron.

Line up the ironed edge to the zipper edge. Then sew in place using your zipper foot. That way you can get sort of closer to the zipper. We didn't make ours invisible as you can see.

Repeat for both sides.

Lay open and flat the sewn strips to one top of the plastic. Sew this down using 1/4 inch seam allowance. Repeat with the other top.

Now you sort of have a tube. Open the zipper up so your hand can slip through (not fun to try and turn when it is closed). Fiddle with the sides and get them all lined up so there are no puckers or problems. Having the fold at the bottom makes this very easy to adjust!!

Sew down each side. Sew over the zipper too. --if the zipper is too long you may trim at this point. Then turn it right sides out! Tada!!

How cute is that?!

The smaller ones in the 1st picture at the top are the left over scraps. They still had the fold on the bottom, but were a little longer and skinny. They work just as well.

If there are any ?'s ask it!! hopefully i will know the answer.

I found these kind of addicting. I ran out of plastic though....oh man.

edit added: i have a few bags in the shop if you would like to purchase some that are already done. can't find one listed? convo me and i'll set you up.

hope you find this helpful.



Custom Stuffed Animals

I had to show off the latest and greatest stuffed animals. They are for Amy over at Vintage Fern. She is my best customer!! hee hee. anyways.
She decided to do a handmade christmas for her i mention in previous post. So i had put on my esty shop design your own stuffed animal and she went for it!!
She brought over pictures that her daughters had drawn:

After blowing up, skewing, switching, retracing and everything else i figured each one out. I am thinking they are the best yet!!
This is what they 'became'. It really is fun bringing these drawings to life! i love them.

This is Quack. She has her name stitched on her bottom. She is a mix of yellow with a vintage sheet material. Her cute shirt and skirt are removeable. I added the bow on her head to just give her a little bling. Such a cutie...quack.

This is Waggie the dog. He has a green name tag with his name stitched on it. His tail stays curled and up just like that even when he is prancing around. His sweater is removable with a cute little brown ribbon to tie it at the neck. He is the best ever!! really so much better in person. i am thinking about making these and selling them. My honey keeps on asking for one. he loves this guy!
This here is the horse. No name. the new owner gets to decide. She has a pink saddle that has pockets on each side + a little pink skirt that is removable. Pink horse shoes and check out her main and her tail. They are strips of her belly and body fabric. They can easily be braided and pony tailed.
I am still working on the christmas presents and felted food, and other great little things to go along with it.
oh, i have quilt group tonight -making an portable ironing board, and then tomarrow at my home!! yay 2 nights in a row....can you really have to much? um, no.
We are making some clear bags with zippers at the top to stuff our projects in. I haven't counted how many i need, but i know it is a lot. too many unfinished things going on here. I need to have a finishing party.
If you would like your own stuffed animal made from a drawing check out my etsy shop. I will list a couple of them. They make a great present----if you can keep a secret that long!



What are you thankful for?

This is all about Eliza today.
She got her book trade package in the mail yesterday and was super excited. I of course had no camera handy to snap it up, but i did make a little pile of it all.
Look at all the goodies!!
The book is the little mouse one and then everything sort of goes with it. playdo, apron, crayons, coloring books. ect. THANKS FOR THE TRADE!!!! SHE LOVES IT ALL!!!
My favorite was the felt food. I have been thinking about Christmas lately...i know it's a bit early, but someone---thanks alot amy said outloud that it would be nice to have a home made holiday. Well, ok....i think i can do that. well for the most part. Maybe i'll do a week on what i have planned for some christmas help.
These are her crafts from girl scouts-daisy group on tuesday. They made a turkey and stuck in feathers that had written down what they are thankful for. Can you see that they are all blank, but one? the very first one? what does it say? she is thankful for: TRICK AND TREATING!!
She is a candy monster if you have ever met one. Then they made felt food. Hers is supposed to be a brocolli. She didn't want the leaves glued on, and she wanted it upside down. So we have an upside down, frowning, naked brocolli!!! yay!!
Speaking of felt food.....
i have been sneaking around at night and sewing up some felt food. Believe me it doesn't look as good as the home sewn ones (i used the machine to make them quick) but they are cute. I will show off the loot and maybe give a little tutorial on them sometime. They are quick and easy. They are addictable - just like the real stuff- watch out!!!
don't look here or here......i warned you!

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