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Build it yourself--hints

I thought i would share a few hints for the build it yourself parties:
i am thinking go ahead and steal away!! If anyone does this you must share some pics. fun stuff.
oh, and then when i was thinking some more---you could do like dinosaurs for boys, and robots (square and simple), some different animals- lions, dogs, ...and such. I am not sure that dolls would work. You can't use weird fabric that is forgiving like that fake fur stuff.

I kept it simple as far as color goes. I did have the lighter pink fleece but decided because of their age less choices the better. If they were older i would have done different colors for more of a variety. Maybe even do the main bodies a little different from each other too. They would come up with some different stuff. oh, you could do a dog party....have long ears, short ears, long tails, short tails....ect. that would be fun!!
We took just barely under an hour to pick and finish them. That was for the 6. I was the only one sewing. If you had any more than that you would need another sewer. They were patient, but it couldn't have been any longer. Make sure you alot enough time.
I am going to finish the last two today and save them in the christmas box. We have a couple of parties to go to and they will work great!! That is the bonus!! I made 8 parts and bodies and so i had 2 left over + the one that i made for an example. So that is 3 freebies that i can either sell or keep for other gifts. Lucky me and the reciever!
I am trading this little hedgehog guy with Jenny. She is making me a little doty doll bee for me.

This is the little guy with 'oceany' fabrics. If you would like to make your own hedgehog check out the pattern in my shop.
Have a great weekend guys. I am hoping to get some sewing things done this week. Maybe will have a doll week next week!!! Come back and check it out.
Party On......



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