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whosies--written whatnots: Sextuplets!!



It was a Birthday Day today for miss Eliza. She turned 5!! yay The baby is getting older :(

I had been thinking about what to do ....for the party and all. Then of course my crazy brain took over and this is what i came up with:

This was the mock-up. First she loves pink. So of course i chose some pink fake fur that was on clearance + some pink striped stuff + some pink fleece. There were 6 girls coming to the party so it really turned out not toooo crazy.

1st up: Pick your parts!! Would you like a kitty cat, a bunny, or a bird???

2nd: Let me pin it and sew it and then you get to stuff it!!

Wait---just stuff the animal!

3rd: Finished Product + 6 happy, giddy, noisy, funny, squeeky little girls:

Now before everyone goes crazy like i am....i had all the parts ready to go. The bodies were stitched-faces and bellies, and the arms and legs were stuffed and everything. So just picking, pinning, sewing and stuffing were needed. The poly fuzzy fabric doesn't ravel so the final stitch on the bottom edge with the legs tucked in is not a nice seam. But the fur covers it up and it stays together! Plus all the edges are raw. I just sew the fabric onto the fleece and then stuff it. No turning these out so it makes it less work. Plus a few little raggy, fuzzy edges are cute when they get used.
Oh, I made strips of fleece with a butterfly or flower stitched onto it so they could tell thiers apart.
I would never do that for a larger group, but it turned out fun and cute, and the girls liked them.
ok, you can call me crazy.


Blogger Julie said...

The squeeky desciption is perfect!! I'll bet that is one party Eliza will never forget. High Five!!! Julie

13/11/08 9:49 PM  
Blogger Worm's Woman said...

OH THAT'S A FABULOUS IDEA! My kids keep hinting at having a party at build a bear, but that's more than I care to spend. This would be an even better substitute!! And reasonably simple for a still beginner like me. I think I will steal this idea soon!

14/11/08 7:50 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

STEAL AWAY!! you just have to share when you do it. :)

14/11/08 9:37 AM  

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