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Trivet anyone?

Went to Quilt group last night and it was really enjoyable. Everyone was in a great mood and their was much chatting going on. Planning for next year is under way and I am in charge of a row quilt!! yay...i have the idea, the patterns collected and one row i just need to finish it. I some how keep getting distracted by all the other noises in my mind. :)
So this was the project (we had no idea what we were doing): Bring with you a 13 -16" square block + a backing fabric the same size or larger.
May be a leftover block, lost, or whatever scraps you have sewn together block.
I brought this one below + added a 3" border around it. So it is around 16" square.

Then she had that Inso bright batting (from Joannes) that you use for hot pad and such. We laid our block down and then cut out batting out.
Then we layered them together, and waited for our turn at her Bernina Sewing machine. She had it all set up with different thread to choose from and her quilting foot on. OHHHHH NELLI- you wouldn't believe it if i told you- i'll tell ya anyways. IT RAN BY ITSELF!!!!!!!!!! i don't tell lies. You put your hands down, pressed on and off it went. It has a stitch regulator + it is motioned sensored. You move- it stitches, you stop, it slows down. There is no peddle to use when it is quilting (you use one when stitching normaly though). SOOOO COOL!!!
This cool toy will of course set you back $7000. a little much for the christmas budget and birthday budget and whatever budget i've got goin. :( Fun to use though. sigh....
ANyways- back to the project.
After quilting it and then a quick little binding, It is now a trivet--- you know, something that you put on the table or counter to protect them from the heat of the pan! It's a big one too, as you can see. Perfect for cookie sheets and big 9X13 pans too.

Insobright batting- see the little specs of the metal in it? it helps with whatever it's supposed to do :) It's a little crinkly, kind of funny.
Might be fun to make a few for christmas gifts. It's definitly a "green" project since it uses your scraps and leftover squares.
I'm sure it works great.........If you can dare use and dirty it!

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