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whosies--written whatnots: May 2009


Messenger---kid sized

I have looked, googled, and searched EVERYWHERE----can't seem to find a decent simple, perfect size, easy pattern for a child size messenger bag.

Where does that leave me?
to figure it out myself.

Not 100% satisfied with it, but it will be tweaked and then tackled and then......shared of course. You just have to wait.

This is today's project.

Any guesses?

( how about around 100 bandannas for day camp. were ya close? )

How much time are you using up looking through everyones blogs for the sew mama sew giveaway?

Me--- A Whole lot of little bunches!! yikes. A little here, a little all adds up. But there is so many good ones and with good stuff they are giving away...sigh...

Don't forget to leave a comment on the previous post for the giveaway.

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Big Day ---Give away!!

Sew mama Sew
and Whosies and Whatnots
Give away day!!!
This is the best day of the year---like christmas in may or something like that. anyways.
Shall we get to business? yup.
I feel like i should have a sparkly dress on with my high heels on and a wavy arm going from item to item....if you would please refrain from clapping in between each announcement...
here we have--

Item #1:

Summer Traveler + Carrying bag
Ready to go. Ready for some fun. Ready for adventures.

Summer fun stuff. Bring it on.
Item #2:

Smappy Baby + Little Smap + Carrier

She needs lots of hugs and loves,

Baby kisses, snuggles, and giggles.

Little mama love. oh, yea.
Item #3:
Pick-a-pattern. Any pattern.
You name it, you get it....emailed to you.

All the pics are on the right side bar.
The store has them all. Go choose one.

Item #4:

Heavenly Bliss Quilt Pattern

(Hard copy mailed to you.)

This thing is full of chocolatey goodness.
You crave get it.

This is donated to us by Angie.

My good sewing pal!!

Is that enough? everyone happy?

So much clapping,whooping, and hollering...i can't hear myself....

what an encore?..... well, ok. what's it hurt.

Item #5:

Chocolate Bunny

Something for the little boys out there.
He is ready for some rambunctious play,
competition sports, rough housing, and nooogies.

Boy, I am worn out. all this arm waving is a lot of work. It's used to pushing fabric through machines. gosh.

Want to win some more sweet stuff? Check out the other 'players'.

Rules: *Short, sweet, no essays, pick me's, double comments, or blank stuff. got it?
* um.....let's see.
* where are these items traveling too? who from where?
* and/or where are you going for fun this summer?
* Give us the goods on where the traveler, chocolate bunny and smappy baby are going for summer fun?
* please, please, please leave a link if you don't allow back tracking. email, blog, something. i don't want you to go with out.
* U.S. only please

Sound fair enough? more clapping and cheering? all right, all right. Settle down. I'm not done yet.

Picking and Fine Print:
* Contest is open until ---May 31st. midnight. picking people on June 1st!!!!
* Smappy baby, chocolate bunny, and summer traveler will be chosen by me. i will choose the most exotic or exciting place they will be traveling to. They need good experiences gals.
* The patterns will be chosen by a randomater machine :)

More Extras:


sale at the store

LOTS of things on SALE.

* Smappy babies + little smaps $15.00
* Chocolate or Snow bunnies $10.00
* Mermaids $13.00
* ALL PDF Patterns $3.50
* Summer Travelers $8.00


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Just a few snippits on things i worked on yay!

A quilt for later on this week.
notice the top left corner-
that darn cat and her night games

My 'who you calling a fat quarter' quilt- 1st border on!

A bit of hand stitching -spring flowers
tomorrow---give away day!!
items, details, rules and whatever else
will be here. don't miss it.
There will be more than 2 things going.....yipppeeee!

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Send Offs

The gals have finally recieved my send offs so now i get to share....what i sent off.

Raggedy Ann

Upcycled Apron

Funny- when i go to show off i recieved mine!!

This is from Nadine she has some great shots of the process on her blog too.
It's all 80's lacy goodness!!! and a bag to match! + some good goodies. thanks nadine. I have my dads retirement/birthday party coming up this week. maybe i'll be sporting my new apron. it is long and has wonderful coverage!
The winner for the
flickr group would be
i will be sending off your goodies this week. yay!
no need to draw a name since she is the only one that posted.
but some how it is a holiday weekend, sorry about that!
keep posting though in the flickr group and you can be in next months drawing.
Don't forget......2 days until Sew mam Sew give away Day!!! yippeeee!!! I have some good stuff to choose from + another sewing gal is putting something of hers in the pot. You definitly won't want to miss it. To add to the fun i will be having a MAJOR shop sale.



CrAnKy QuiLt


Make 7 total blocks.
Finished size:
9 ½ inch X 13 inch

Part #1:
14 3 X 5 background
28 3 X 3 points- patterned

Taking the 3X 5 background print fabric lay one 3 X 3 on the corner. Match up the side edges. Sew down the center- from one corner to the other. (If you have a hard time finding this center line draw a line to follow).

Before trimming the extra off fold this corner back to make sure it works! Then trim it. Repeat for the other side.
You will end up with 14 pieces finished looking like a flying geese. Trim whole part to 3 X 5 in size.

No pics for this one. Pretty simple.

Part #2:
28 3 X 5 points- patterned
14 4 ½ X 4 ½ background

Taking the 4 ½ X 4 ½ background piece fold in half and iron it. This will give you a center marking line.

Then place the 5 inch length from point to center mark. This will be at a diagonal. Sew 1/4" seam along the edge.

Fold back. Repeat for the other side.

Trim block to 4 ½ X 4 ½.

You will end up with 14 pieces finished.

Part #3:

28 3 X 4 ½ corner background
7 4 ½ X 5 center of block-patterned

ROW #1: Sew one 3 X 4 ½ corner background to the 4 ½ x 4 ½ pieced block, then another 3 X 4 ½ corner piece.
ROW #2: Sew one 3 X 5 pieced block to the center 4 ½ X 5 block, then another 3 X 5 pieced block.
ROW #3: Sew one 3 X 4 ½ corner background to the 4 ½ x 4 ½ pieced block, then another 3 X 4 ½ corner piece.
Sew these rows together for one block.

Pics of finished blocks:

See the 4 1/2 X 4 1/2 blocks are at the top and bottom. the flying geese 3X5 blocks are on the sides. I sewed mine in the row with them standing tall. The picture at the top has the whole quilt top. I so need a new one that isn't blue....and maybe even quilted.....hmmmmm...

Last month block of Baskets. Show and tell:

Some of these look like purses! love it!

Her handles are 3-d. Marilyn looks super cranky.
Playing catch-up with marilyn.

Show and Tell:

Cute apron. Similar to this one, but it has been pieced. love it. super cute.

Get your pics loaded for the give-away!! if you don't have flickr email me the pics and i'll post them. you still get to play along! You have till sunday to get those pics in and shared with us. They can most definitly be previous blocks!!


Shall we discuss the winnings?

How about a pattern and some fabric.

The fabric is 2 1/2 inch squares and they are 2" tall stacked together. Don't make me count all of those squares. ....ok? Doesn't look like much, but a lot of squares can be packed into 2 ". let me tell you. they are Batiks in a lot of beautiful colors.

Yesterday i lied.....there is 2 more blocks-rows left!!! Lucky all of us!!

Have a Cranky Day Everyone!!

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i finally have some sewing things to share.....well sort of.

my mom and dad went to boston this last week and i was in charge of 'babysitting' their car. that was a tough one, let me tell you. so my mom bought me a yard of this cute japanese fabric. LOVE IT!! oh, and her too.
cute salvedge. cute prints.
I think i will be keeping it in one piece and then putting a minky or fleecy something on the back. it will be mine to use when i sit and listen to the kids read.
See the magazine in the right corner? yup. late mothers day present to myself. I love these magazines gals! they are so much fun. you don't even need to read it. just follow the picture instructions. love that!
"Flower Patch" size 42"X 52". I am finishing up the pattern and will have it in the shop next week sometime. Of course, i will let everyone know. Great beginner quilt.
Tonight i go to quilt group and take pictures of all the wonderful CRANKY QUILT blocks!! Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the
next block on the cranky row quilt.
Did you make a block and want to share? Hop on over to the flickr group and post them.
I will have another drawing with some sewing goodies to win!! Next month is the last bock!
time does fly.

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12 years old

that is what the daughter Jerika is today.....12! She is really quite excited about this age. She gets to become a young woman.

I took her shopping yesterday and she picked out a few new dresses, some fingernail polish for just her, and then we went and got our hair cut together. It was kind of nice. Just us two.

She is off playing golf by herself with the honey. Fun!!

i am cooking some cupcakes to take to her soccer practice.

You know, show up with cupcakes...she doesn't know about it...will get embarrased....

i can't resist---

After I get all the planning and partying out of the way i will be showing some sewing stuff.....promise.

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Are you a Yo Guy?

My kids have funny little names for things. If they don't like something it is "Johny". If it is super bad it is "Johny Wickstone" Things like that just stick for them. They even have names for each other. They use those names when playing house. JO-JO, Honey, Tabeal, and Best Buddy. It is quite entertaining to listen to them play. They make me laugh.

Here is the newest craze: Yo- Yo Guy. Not pronounced like the yo-yo toy, but in the cool "yo yo dawg" Randy Jackson sort of way.
So i asked "what makes you a yo yo guy?" There is i guess a few things that you need.
Here are the criteria.

* Do you Wear a hat?
* Wear your hat sideways or backwards?
* Have a white tank top. You know, the ribbed kind?
* Do you take off your shirt in the winter to show off the white tank?
* Does your underwear show?
* Do you ride a skateboard or maybe a bike that is too small for you?
* Do you wear shorts? but they might look like pants?
* Do you wear tight pants?
* Do you have a weird looking girl friend?
* Does she have black hair or maybe purple?
* Do you do tricks in front of people so they notice you?
* Do you have a chain connected to your wallet?
* Do you do your tricks in the middle of the road?
* Do you have fat shoes that don't have any laces?
* Job? Questionable.

If you have answered yes to a majority of these apparently you are considered a yo-yo dude.
You can spot them anywhere. Mine do---hey there's a yo-yo dude! yeah, i'm yo....yo.

Jarom says he doesn't want to be a yo yo dude. Just a cool yo dude.

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I'm a Drug Dealer

ok. really i am not. but from the purseptions of my neighbors i just might be. This is how it has been for the last week:
* cars drive up
* unusually busy during the day
* sometimes busy at the night too
* people run to the door
* they bring an envelope
* They might even drop something off in a rubber maid on the front porch if we are not home
* They walk around the house looking for people they can hear.
* Drive by's. Turn arounds and house number searchers.

If they only new how many times a day the phone rang too!!! I finally got smart and today recorded a message to calm the late ones down and tell them to drive by and leave me something in the box out front. hee hee

This would be the business of being Girl Scout Day Camp Director!!! yup. second year. Second time hopefully in the lifetime that i push Girls Scouts....not drugs on the major level :)

I don't think though that i could live the life of the drug pusher. It interupts my -me time. It is constantly answering the phone or the door, or both at the same time. It is trying to be nice, and then at the end it turns out like----do you have the package? good. Thanks. Bye.

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One for for me

This is the theory anyways. You know, with the kids halloween candy, easter, anything else i can think of. The system of equality. hee hee
Do you have one?

I should think that this goes for quilting too. Shouldn't it? of course! So here it is:
One for you- well, if you are the aunt who pieced it.


close-up of quilting on the back.
One for me--- this is just a sneak.

There are a few other quilts waiting to be quilted. made by others and plenty made by me. I think this is a good way of doing things.....
one for you, one for me.
*This is just for me...a little pursy purky lip sass from jarom. Just to remember it.*

Have a great Friday Everyone!!!

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