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whosies--written whatnots: July 2009


Annual Quilt Run Around

I think that is what i am going to call it....our annual Quilt Run around. It actually just involves me and a little group of 9 gals who get together every once in awhile to do some sewing, laughing, sharing, eating, and enjoying of each other--and their sewing goodies.

So Wednesday was the annual run around to the springville art museum to the quilt show. Then off we went to a small number of quilt stores and lunch, and present exchanging. We had a few obstacles to get by, but after that...nothing but fun.

Big 4 lane dump truck dump part. For Kennecot Copper! This thing was HUGE!!!

this is the torn up bridge that takes us to the museum. no worries...we'll just wander town trying to find a road to it for 15 minutes!

Of course i will share what we saw. It felt like last year there was more, but who's complaining?


This was for a married couple with a round bed. huh?

This ones the leafy treetops. it's on the brain girls...and apparently spreading. :)

I have this book with the pattern. should do it.

Look closely....these are NOT pinwheels!! They are log cabin blocks made to look like a pinwheel. Why?!

Shop hop quilt. Super cute!

Quilting Inspiration:

For some reason the labels were great! Do you read them when you go to show? You totally should. There is some good stuff in those little explanations.

I love that she says it called to her.......don't we all feel like that happens? someone finally said it.

This is for the polka dot dresdin plate, circular one above.

This label goes the to the grandmothers garden above. incredible don't you think?

Pictures of our presents....remember this? It was for an exchange. Sort of christmas in July thing. Here is our presents that we got:

Pictures of Us:

Here is all of us!!! we had so much fun!!!

Goodies I got:

Same pile, it was just too long to get into one photo. I didn't go that crazy.

ok. after loading all of the pics and stuff i am tired!! so i think that they 2 drawings going on will wait until monday. how about that? no complaints now, i'm in charge here. So get on over there and put your name in so you can win.

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In Excess

There is this slight problem I have......if there is a free item out there it finds its way to ME!! Do you have a problem like that too? I think that it is in the genes, maybe even a kids always seem to find the free box at the garage sales and load up.
There is nothing wrong with getting things for free, mind you. i am just noticing this week i have an over abundance and a bit of excess of free things.
Tuesday- went to the park with amy and a couple of others to play. I needed some pre-emergent that won't kill the chickens, she says--i'll drive (that would be because the car is STILL in the shop and now they think it IS the transmission- whatever) so i go in, get my stuff and the gal---who is like my best friend since i shop there All the time! says----hey---did you know----uh,oh here it comes....that ALL the veggies are FREE???? Why, no i didn't ---run out to the parking lot and inform amy. She too has a free problem. We of course unload all the kids (my 4) and we go 'shopping'.
Guess what we came home with?!:

That's right---4 carts later ----and just a little bit of a GARDEN!!! This is the back of the Suburban. Seats laid down, plants piled high. WEEEEEE!!!!

ok. now, before everyone gasps---let me tell you. I got $120- bucks worth of STRAWBERRIES!! the everbearing ones in 1 gallon buckets. yup. then some tomatoes, cucumbers, zuchini, eggplant, green peppers, black peppers, red peppers, sweet pepper, cherry tomatos + a WHOLE PUMPKIN PATCH!!! not that i needed them all I mean, I already have my garden planted and growing and it is just about to start producing.....lots of stuff, just waiting to mature.

I know, i am out of control. it is a problem. I mean really it all sounds good and all, until you have to plant them all--did you know it has been in the 90's like all day long? there doesn't seem to ever be a break. :) So that is what i have been busy with. I have only the pumpkin patch to go...phew. (that's just a mear 15 plants or so)

Other free items creep up on me in phone calls and boxes. Hey, i you want? OF COURSE i want!!! it's fabric girls!! I should just put up a sign outside the house that says fabric donations taken here, no questions asked.

Not that i n e e d fabric, but you's a disease. So here is the 2 foot tall by 2 foot wide by 3 foot long box FULL of fabric scraps. Flannel, chenille, cotton, quilting....i haven't even found the bottom yet fabric. Where to put it? What to do with it? Hmmmmmm

Maybe i'll add a bit to the Cranky Quilt give away or have another give know, just to spread the disease. you won't mind will you?

*pst--the free veggies are at Rock'n E Country STore 500 south and way west. Till friday-then they will toss them! They need to be planted or they will die :(

*pst-pst-- don't forget the giveaways here and here . What---don't you like free things?

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Square Pegs

They call themselves SQUARE PEGS because they have square heads, and peg legs!!

I have been trying for awhile to make a doll that has a basic body shape. They are 12" inches tall and perfect for lugging around. No arms, ears or legs to pin in place. No undies, or piecing of bodies...just simple and quick!
The faces have been hand stitched with wool felt and embroidery thread. The ears are stitched securely on, with buttons to hide the stitches.
Come and meet them:

Of course there will be patterns for thier clothing.
That would include: Skirt, Tube top shirt, Dress, Shorts, and the cape!
All the patterns have numbered steps and pictures included to help you along! All 4 are included in the pattern. Make one or them all. Have a whole wardrobe to go along with them.

Get the pattern at the shop.

How about a GIVE AWAY?

3 lucky gals will win a pattern!! --the Square Peg Pattern.

Just leave a comment!! And Promise you'll post your makings in a flickr group or here, or on your blog...somewhere. ok? promise?

I'll choose one....hmmmm.... how about Friday the 31st.

Last day of July---so a christmas in july sort of thing--

Good luck!!!

Don't forget to join the giveaway over on threadling!! You still have a few days to enter.--i changed the rules over there..i'm sneaky like's a good me..... just go check.

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Emergency Sewing Kit

I am still in rewind mode girls sorry. This is wordy---But this does have a stitching ending!! Hear me out.

Last monday i took up Jerika and her cousin to a girl scout camp in Park City. Everything was going great....then a couple of the honey- hey, something is wrong...didn't want to forget to tell you later, then a little bit later......not much the honey-- hey i really think something is wrong!, then as i was making my way up the hill to drop them off at the entrance---no power! car not moving!! stuck in the middle of the road!! ....hmmmm call the honey...hey, car dead! not moving! stuck in the middle of the road! girls still in car! They need to check in!!

After a few calls to salt lake and getting some numbers for the camp I called up---hey, i've got 2 girls and they are stuck down the hill 5 minutes---no problem! we'll come and get them!! Aren't girl scouts the best?!! Someone shows up, we get them loaded, and off they go for 5 days. Me, i just wait for 2 hours for the tow guy to show up. Some guys got a chain and pulled me off to the side of the road further, and i waited, and waited, and waited. Boy what a waste of TIME!!! I did talk to my mom for an hour and a few others to keep the time passing. but, ugghhh!! luckily it was in the canyon so it was sunny, with a view, breezy, and i had water (drank too much and had to pee though).

Do you know what though? Do you know what i didn't have? An EMERGENCY SEWING KIT!!!!

So from now on ---

This will be staying in the car, well, until it is finished and i'll swap it for another one.

Lynette Anderson Block of the Month

Everything is put into this handy dandy

----baby changing bag---

It has zippered pouches, lays flat, and slips into the side of the door pocket nicely.

Just so no one else has this problem---you get out there right now and stuff something into that car! That's right, a magazine, some stitchery, some thread...some--thing!!! Save yourself from lost hours. Grab that diaper changing carrier thingie that you won't be needing anymore and convert it to the car stitchery kit! How's that for up-cycling?!

Oh, hey, i could grab this and work on it when waiting for soccer stuff.

*pst- the car is in the shop--something about a transfer case--just as expensive as a transmission- who knew? why doesn't this happen to men? you never hear those kind of stories--i don't at least. hmmm.

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Pushing Rewind

Bear with me for a bit...i need to catch myself up to this week. I have a bit of family stuff today.
Here we go:
We went to the fireworks last sunday at Weber State University. Sat with the family and stuffed our ears with tissue

(there are cannons gals) and our bellies with yummy zuchini bread, snacks, treats, and sweets!! It sprinkled just a bit --enough to cool us down--

and then the concert, fireworks, and glowsticks!!

honey is such a good sport... :)
The past friday morning we headed out to Ogden for the morning parade. Here are a few goodies:

Cowgirl pin ups----cute huh?! ok. they weren't pinups, but they were sort of that style --from 75 years ago that is.

Only in Utah gals--only in utah.

These horses were HUGE!!!

If i had enough guts i would join these girls......roller dirby i just do indoor soccer. That is enough roughness for me.

What happened here? They abondoned their float! HUH?
Camera thief: