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whosies--written whatnots: August 2009



with excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh, boy was i EVER!!! Screaming!! i called a few people and screamed at them too!!!! -thanks for listening to that--
So what in the world was i all excited about (you thought i was angry, didn't you?) Well, before you start screaming at is a picture hint.......

It is just what you are thinking it is.

A Singer Feather Weight

No, it didn't arrive in the mail (that would be the logical guess since i have been recieving a few things). I found her at a YARD SALE!!!! yup, that's right. She sat there all lonely like, and i didn't even notice her until i was paying the gal for a few items..can you believe?..and there she was...on the table sitting in her box with the lid open. EEP! i almost jumped, but i held it together and asked in the calmest manner i much for the sewing machine in the box? (in my mind i am thinking---ok, i'll spend how much? $50, $100...what is my limit?) but she said oh, um, how about $10 bucks!!!!!!!! I didn't type that wrong gals, TEN DOLLARS!!! So i handed her the money in a casual way- told the kids, lets go and while driving down the street screeched for JOY!!!
So here she is with all the goodies (a box with stuff she said she didn't need).

A button holer attachment, A Blind Stitch attachment, and something with a wheel that looks like it cuts -pinking sheer- not sure still what that is.

Here is her box. She came with her instruction manual, and a bunch of bobbins, an extra -sort of rusty bobbin case, and some misc extra stuff. The box has 2 oil cans and it DOESN'T stink!!
I haven't looked her up yet to see if she has any history. Just taking it slowly. She turns on, light works, and she stitches. She does get a bit tangled--need to work on that.
For right now, she sits. In the center of the dining room table. Being admired from everyone (really it's mostly just me). She gives me a smile. I need a name too. Any suggestions? I guess that means i will keep her. I am not sure that i will be able to top the purchase (even though the kids got a big set of legos for $2-good stuff). But, who's trying?

Have a good find you want to share? Let us all know. We like to hear those screams of joy!!

Speaking of screaming announcements...anita from florida got her 'in the leafy treetops quilt' DONE!!!! yay for you!!! i love the nest and the batik leaves, and the branches look more realistic than mine. i'd like to know the sectret.....Great job. Turned out Perfect don't you think?

*pst--don't forget to sign up for the postcard swap. We would love to have you come play! Cheap swap girls, cheap swap. That's how i like them. :)
**pst pst-- did you make your own photo stitchery? Share it at the flickr group--- we all want to see how it turned out.

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Computery Stuff---help me out


I am looking into some new options for my here blog. I am needing some external answers from all of you out there. Will you take the time to look at the questions and give me some answers? Much appreciated...truly.

* What company do you go through for your blog? give me some names of those companies that let you have a blog, domain name and free templates.

* How much do you pay? Per month? year? What plans do you like the best?

* Where are some good templates for website pages?

* Anyone have an e-commerce site? that is really what i would like to have to. What company do you use?

*How do you change a website to an e-commerce one? easy, complicated?

* How much per month for what plan? is it worth it?

If you have ANYTHING else that you would like to share please do!!! I need some help!!!
I have looked at oodles of things, online, in the library, read some books....but really what i would like is user feedback.
What works best? worst? SOOOO worth the time, or not.

Give me your best shot!! You can make a comment here or if you prefer- email me whosiesandwhatnots (at)yahoo(dot)com subject computer help....or something like that.

How about i trade a little info for a little PRIZE!!!!
Will that make you talk?
I will do a little drawing next week some time give me some good stuff girls. I know there is a lot of you out there with info ooozing out of you. Share it with me will ya? Let me know EVERYTHING!!



Picture This....picture to stitcher-y tutorial

So i thought in celebrating along with storybook woods and whomever else, that i would do something Tasha Tudor-y. She was all about the hand made girls. Makes her own clothes, wool blankets {including shearing, dying and spinning}, makes dolls, --she is sort of where i
got the idea for doing the doll conversationals-- anyways. So i was thinking.......what could i do?
How about a bit of stitchery! So one thing led to another and here you have a little stitchery tutorial.

How To Turn your Home into a Stitchery

1} take a picture of your home. Digital if at all possible. Much easier, and the most immediately rewarding too.

2} Change the size to around 4 X 6 inches in size. You may choose to do a different size.

I used the good ol'fashioned PAINT program to do this. As shown below in a fuzzy shot of screen:

3} Print off picture in black and white --the size you would like. Oh ,isn't my home just so cute! That is a cherry tree in the front there...yup, it's a monster that keeps growing straight up even though we trim it.

4} Take a Sharpie marker and start drawing lines on all the major parts of the home + stuff around it. Like the roof, the chimney, the tree, the windows, doors....get the idea? Don't make me list anymore. Now, like the paint program we can move things around. go ahead. no one will check. I didn't include that 5 foot rosemary bush right under the tree.

5} Lay a blank white piece of paper on top of that sharpied black and white picture and put it on a light box. your arms will thank you later --you know, holding to the window-. Trace again. i know, but it will help! Just do it! If you look closely at this one and the finished product you will find some changes. There is a window in that big triangle that the tree was covering up! and i moved the sidewalk over so it was more 'centered'.

6} Now is the time to get that tea towel, cotton, muslin or whatever you would like and trace the pattern again onto the fabric. I used a mechanical pencil. Easy.

7} Put into hoop and stitch. Stitch like there's no tomorrow. I did add some 'architectural' details- like some shingles on the roof, some rock where the rock is, and some more round siding in the big triangle, and some lines on the windows. This helps take up big spaces, and makes them look a little better to the eyes. Don't worry about getting everything in it. You won't and it will look too crowded. Your mind does a great job of making some stuff up and it looking ok. So don't worry about it. I mean look at that funky vine growing up the arbor on the left. whatever....

8} Finished:

I have been thinking about this here stitchery and boy it has alot of possibilities..... great for grandma presents, even neighbor ones.....take pictures when they are gone or they will think you are nustoids, have a picture this party---everyone bring their own picture and you show then how to do it, oh, everyone is getting into framing their little things in HOOPS. Wouldn't that just look cute?! You could also do some way cute boxing around it with some victorian type print for the date or year or established....or some vinework

So get out there and take a picture and imortalize your home.

So this one now hangs in the kitchen. Not sure if i want to use it or not yet.

I think that is the hardest thing about handmades. You want to use them, you want to make useful things, but sometimes it take someone else grabbing it with dirty hands and face and wiping all their cooties all over it to get you ok with it.

(that didn't happen, but i just know it will)

* pst* if you make one share it with us!! we would love to see your home---only because we are snoopy blog neighbors really-- and we want to see your stitches too. what's your count huh? ok. that wasn't very nice. Mine isn't that great don't go blowing up that stitchery picture....ooooooo

*pst-pst-- don't forget to join the postcard swap going on. Little art surprises in the mail! who doesn't like that?--

*pst-pst-pst---i need some help with the blog/website thingie. i will be doing a shout out this weekend and would love some helpful responses. Will you please help? i will let you know sometime when i gather my thoughts and questions and make a huge post of "give me's". j.k. but not really.

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...and it continues....

I am still in love with getting packages. hhhmmmmm........
i got a few more to share! can you believe? I think this is it for a little bit :( oh, until more christmas blocks come in.......wwweeeeeee!!!!
This little goodie of a book comes from the sharing from storybook woods. I found one for Super cheap online and thought why not?! I LOVE IT!!! it has beautiful drawings and poetry. It is one years nature journal from 1906 if i remember right. If you are a book cutter, this one is one that you could use page by page. Just wonderful.

Utah Quilt Guild Round Robin---8 blocks, 1 is almost an inch larger than it is supposed to be--didn't check those seam allowances, and 1 is ALOT lighter than asked for but a little tan rit dye will help it out. All in all a successful round robin for the year. now, if i could only have it finished before the year is up.
Pattern is from the Quilt Sampler Fall/Winter 2007

These WONDERFUL plastic bags from Action bags online. They will be filled with a few kits --Quick Stitch and In the Leafy Treetops Quilt Tops!!!! I am so excited. I decided to branch out just a bit for the 2 shows coming up and have a little more variety. Let's see if it will work.

Didn't come in the mail---but a little pattern testing {for myself} not to sell the pattern, hadn't thought of that, but to again have more variety at the shows coming up. A few more tweaks and i should have it right.

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Mostly very random items. Nothing that needs its very own posting, but great in a the borg maybe. hee hee
ok. 1st up......what i got in the mail!! i love getting surprise packages in the mail don't you? Well, i do. so there.
Everything is like a little upper. You can squeal with delight, oooo and aaaa, and then when it's all over with you can just sit in your chair and stare. Then you can turn the pages, or pet the fabric, and then stare some more. You know how it goes. Who needs drugs when you can get the same euphoria from getting wonderful little things. Not that i would know. i wouldn't ...ok.....Carry on.....

Remember i won? of course you do!! well, it arrived.

My wonderful Knippie magazine from the netherlands. oh, this is such good stuff girls. Everything is in its place. cutsie pictures, patterns in the center and ready for some stitch'n I am thinking that the front cover corduroy skirt is a go. well, of course all the extra goodies that were sent along with it are covering it!

I also got my book. YUp, i know........excitement for books and magazines. What can i say? This one is Style Statement. It is all about finding 'yourself' and what that is all about. She says that once i figure that out, i can make better decisions. Aren't we always re-inventing ourselves. Wondering who we are, what we are going to do --when we grow up. ok. maybe there are only a handful of included. but i am reading it and i am going to figure that one out. see, it works...i have already made a good decision.

I also got my first 2 blocks from the christmas block exchange! fun stuff!! i am excited to see what else i get. I will be getting those blocks out this week! remember....already done. see how handy that is? no stress, pressure. Just wondering when will i actually send it.

This little beauty was picked up at the garage sales this last week. It should be a complete kit for the little house. As if i need another project, but she had one finished and it really was kind of cute like. So i will give it a try. The honey is a wood man and so there are plenty of tools around here for the job...believe me.

Is there anyone out there that know of Tasha Tudor? They are doing a little tasha tudor day on friday for her. I might have something fun to do for it....still in the thinking tank. anyways.... Now, i pounced upon her book and ate every page of it a while ago. {ok, i just read it. but if was more like consumption. do you do that some times?} She is my second ALL TIME FAVORITE LADY!!! first being mary jane. They both are intriuging gals and are just what you want to be....well, me. Hey that's it. i don't need that book. i just need to see if mary jane is my style statement and go for that. hee hee ok, ok....Go take a look see. You definitly won't regret it.

I have been hitting the expanding world of blogs lately. Mostly on Business stuff. Funny how you go in cycles. All, crafty, then loving one blog, then a talky one, then a sassy one....then moving to another, then i am in business land. Always learning girls, always learning. Here are some of the ones i've hopped onto. Go take a look if this is your area of interest at the moment.
Do you have any favorites? Post a comment and leave us a link. Aren't we all a little bit addicted to the blog world in one way or another. A little 'upper' won't hurt anyone will it? anyone? anyone? Didn't think so. So bring it on.....the links that is.
Thanks i needed that.

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Let's talk.....Fabric Postcard Tutorial

I have been thinking about doing this since the interview with SwapDex. It was really how i started in the big, bad world of swapping. I know, of all the things- fabric postcards. But they are quick, fun and full of suprise that isn't expensive to mail or hard to find a place to put the new treasure.
I've got a few instructions and then lots of example pictures. So get your hand on that mouse and start scrolling.
Let's talk construction.
You will need:
* Peltex or Timtex. Whatever--- something that is stiff, sort of thickish and fusible on at least one side. Both is prefered. I found mine at joann stores.
* Fabric for the front
* Embellishments (see further down explanations. just depends on theme and idea)
* Paper for the back -prefer cardstock- or you can use fabric also
* Stamp or design for back writing area
* Permanent pen for writing your little note.
* Use a new needle. It will dull quick after these guys so get rid of it when finished. Lots of paper, fusible and thickness just kills it off.

Let's talk rules:
* nothing thicker than 1/4 inch on those cards. The postmaster will yell at you.
* make sure you use correct postage....they won't be delivered -or will at the expence of the reciever, and the postmaster will yell at you
* If you are worried about the machines 'eating' your postcard use a clear envelope. Everyone can still see the wonderful card you made, and it keeps everything on it safe and sound.

Let's talk assembly:
* Cut your peltex 4 inch X 6 inch. Cut the back the same size.
* Cut your front fabric just larger than this measurement. You can trim it later. If it slips while ironing you won't cry too.
* Start playing around with placement and embellishments.
* Use fabric, paint, crayons or whatever else. You are just designing the FRONT of the postcard only. Play around with different mediums.
* When you have the look Use fusible webbing when ready to assemble those pieces and keep them in the right place.

* You will want to iron all these down if using the fusible web. DON'T ADD ANY BUMPY STUFF! You will do this AFTER you get all these pieces down.
* Add all the bumpy stuff now: buttons, charms, netting with beads, fluffy thread, embroidery, quilting. All the thread will be on the wrong side and won't show once you get the back on.
* fuse the front and peltex to the back side.
* Trim around all edges so everything is nice and flush.
* Using a zigzag, decorative, or a simple straight stitch -sew along the outside edge. Keeps the parts together and makes the edge nice and neat.

* Stamp the back with a postcard marking, or simply draw a line.
* Write your wonderful, short and sweat message and don't forget those addresses.
Let's talk examples and ideas:

Stamping and marking the backside--

Quilting and fancy machine stitching-

Shakers- Use toule (sp) or thin netting. Before stitching the last seam stick confetti or seed beads inside. Then seal. You can also place pressed flowers, ribbon, thread, string, anything loose inside and the netting keeps them there.

Pieced blocks. Great way to use up scraps, or leftover lost blocks.

Painted- watercolor pencils, acrylic, or melted crayons. Use permanent markers for outlining if needed.

Pictures. Print on fabric paper- or not. Stitch down the edges to keep them in place. You can also use old greeting cards or vintage pictures the same way.

Fancy ribbon or fuzzy thread.

Bead work- stitch, glue or rhinestone away. You can also use 'cheater' beaded fabric.

Glitter. Use glitter glue, sprinkle dust or glitter markers. Just give a little touch or go all out crazy like.

Misc. stuff. Plastic spiders, Pockets for the kangaroo and hawaiian shirt, silk flowers or leaves, doilies.

Sandpaper (fun), scrapbooking do dads, fancy buttons, plastic canvas. tinsel pipecleaners, tinsy bells.

Embroidery. Stitch it yourself or use machine or even iron on patches. Fussy cut fabric prints, or make your own designs.

Themed swaps: laundry day, ocean- seaside, sock monkey,

Here are some more links for fabric postcards:
fabric postcards
fabric postcards

Is there anyone intersted in doing a little postcards swap?
Make one --recieve one. If you want to make more and recieve more...Let me know in the emial the number---2, 3, 4, 5 whatever.... I will set you up with as many as you would like.

Email me --- whosiesandwhatnots(at)yahoo(dot)com
Give me name, address
Due Date: September 1st for emailing me

Parner date: September 2nd
Send Date: September 15th

pst- You will ALWAYS think that the ones you sent out aren't as good as the ones you get back. Just keep in mind that the person recieving yours will have the same mental issues. You love theirs, they love yours. Everyone is in love. aaahhhhh.

I have a few new things in shop to talk about---Messenger bags......ready to go to a new home

Would you like to make your own messenger bag? Check out the shop for the pattern.

AND a Conversation pdf. What is that you ask? Well, It is Vintage style postcards that have been sized for American Girl Dolls. They need to send things to each other don't they? Sure they do.
The pdf will include 6 postcard sized 'themed' pictures. A few stamps, scratch paper template, an envelope template, and to carry all the goods......a messenger bag that she can wear!

If you make a postcard or have done some in the past...leave a comment with a link. we would love to see some more chatting goodies.

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Cranky Quilt Show offs

There were a few that had completed TOPS last night at quilt group. With the long post on math yesterday i thought i would save the pics for their own day.

I love them all!! They are so very different in their own way...and do you know what? They really aren't that cranky :)

see how she mixed some pinwheels with the rail fence at the top? click it for big to see the ric rac on one row. She said she didn't have enough orange for a sashing piece. love it though.

Do you see the little triangles on the right side? cute filler, not just sashing piece. love it.

see the mini pin wheels at the top right? and the little presents? look how big those log cabin pieces are!

very 'rose cottage sheek'

There are still a few still working on biggie.

here they are showing off their block ....or not :)

And just because---Chocolate Quilt Tops

Doesn't this one make you think 'mint'?

This little gal went to a birthday party. I think that i like making these. There will be a few more popping into the shop soon.

Made a messenger bag. Went into the shop.

Monday- preview.......

Can you guess?

Fabric Postcard TUTORIAL!!!! yipeeee!!! I was an addict a couple of years ago. I have recovered, but will share their loveliness with you. aren't you lucky? i might throw in a swap too. hmmmmm...thinking, thinking....

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