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whosies--written whatnots: August 2008


7 DAYS AND 2000 MILES travel log

I am sooo excited!! Bonnie is doing another mystery quilt. Yay!! I didn't do the last one (i just couldn't find the time). :( But alas, she is starting another one. This one is more on the lap quilt size and named Old Tobacco Road. Has some browns in there, so if you are frightened by that...maybe you'll have to pass this time. I have many drawers full of scraps and are ready to be used up. I really should make a challenge and get them all gone!! Start fresh, new, fun, and of course don't forget the shopping bonus of picking new things to get.

My mother stopped in today and we went to Quilters Haven. Boy, they have got a great sale going on now!!! they have some jelly rolls and charm packs on 50% off!!! making them $15.00!!! ooooooo eeeeee!!! of course i had to restrain myself and only get things that i had a purpose for !)

If only......such a dreamer.

I ordered a book the other day......a quilt with small quilt patterns.....small blocks.....maybe around 200 or so........the Dear Jane book------da,da,daaaaaaa

Everyone already thinks that i'm crazy, so to late to say it again. I am sort of , just a little bit, excited about it. Let's see how i feel after a few blocks....that's what all of you are saying huh?! At the store today they had a bunch of fat 8th's for 50 cents a piece. I of course stocked up on the prints/colors that i liked. Not bad, and now the collection has started!!! I need to get my background fabric and then i can start.

We'll tomarrow evening we are off to camping. Last one i think for this season. We are headed up to the boy scouts camp Stiener....something. Up in the Uintas. Looking like it will be just a bit on the chilly side.

I'll leave you with a little show of the 4 heads trip (Mt. Rushmore) fun stuff. Then i'll be back to show off some more.
What the window showed each morning. Thanks Big K----

Dino Museum in Vernal, Utah

Sideways picture of a crazy quilt in Craig, Co. museum.

Kids on old fire-truck. the lady came and rang the bell.

Nothing like a good 'ol hair cut in the trailer!! (honey is sitting)

The sign should have "breathless" at the top above all the other words.

Same town as the chocolate store.....the quilting store. CLOSED!!!!!! waaaaaaaa

The top one by Mary is the best. It became the motto by the end of the trip.

Chimney Rock. Lots of pioneers traveled passed here. We just chilled at the museum. It was a hot one!

Wind Caves. Fantastic. Nice and chilly, dark, spooky, and TONS of stairs!!

Crazy Horse. Here is all the kids in front of the small replica. When the biggie (behind lit up) is finished- this is what it will look like. INCREDIBLE!!!! when it is done...forever away....I am so going.

The RV DUMP station. Aren't us girls glad we got our boys around to do these kind of things? I'll stick with doing kids hair, and cooking any day!

Inside the Waterfall Cave (don't know the name)

At the end you find a fuzzy waterfall. It just constantly goes at a tremendous speed.

Outside enjoying the view with out little packable stuffed animal travelers.

Peanut enjoying a walk after eating pie at the Purple Pie Palace.

After visiting Mt. Rushmore we headed on over to the lake. Of course we came ill prepared (we borrowed a van) and had no swimming suits on hand. Have you ever had a chance to be "white trash"? Well, this was our moment. The was soooo tempting. beg, plead, beg some more, whine....fine!!!! take off your shirts and shorts. jump on in. have some fun. no inhibitions. us parents----we don't know anyone (luckily that was the case).... the honey had a hard time about this. me---i was this close to joining them. :)

Devils Tower..........oooooooooo . there was a guy climbing on the left hand side. might be that little speck. crazy!!!

There of course was some "homework" while we went to the parks. The kids earned some Junior Ranger Badges along the way.

Hope everyone enjoyed viewing the show. Tune in on Monday for another quick one.

Then, no more trips......only to the fabric stores and to the quilting attic.

Enjoy your labor day weekend doing nothing! I know i'll be doing just that....nothing....aaaaaaa

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It's alive!!

Finally after fiddling for a few minutes longer than i wanted- i asked the honey. he told me where to go to retrieve them. yay!!

Really i think that the problem is that it knows it is being replaced..... :( i got one today in the mail, but when i opened it up-----surprise----no cable for the battery charger :( so i can't use it yet until i figure that one out.hmmmmm..... hopefully before our next little get away-friday- it will be up and running and i'll be able to show it off!! It's PINK ---hehe, you'll love it :) The honey has his own and doesn't like me using this is what i got. Pink. he won't touch it.

I have the picture of the quilt top. I think that it will be fine as is. There is one white border that goes all the way around followed by a scrappy boarder. I think that will be good. I do have a little bit of fabric left over. I always have such a hard time using these for the backs. i always want to keep the extra for "something" else later. now i have quite a bit of extras for "somethings". I might just have to start using them on the backs.
Really the top goes together pretty quick. easy enough.
Here is the sewing kit we got last week. I don't think i shared it. Jerika was really pleased with it. Her favorite is the purse. Mine- the chicken pin cushion. Even has a little tail!! There was a needle book stocked, some thread, hoop, a scissor case pattern and felt, some fat quarters, and an older daisy maker. haven't tried that yet, but it does make some cute little flowers!! might have to do some for a little project of some sort.
There is really no reason to point it out. i know that the picture is upside down. I however took the picture from the upstairs (best advantage) and it was all drawn upside down to me, so i thought i would turn it. notice that they are all water related...that the shark has a little fish in its mouth on the left---might be a little too bloody for some-sorry----
I went to a quilt meeting today (one i have never been to before). jumped in on what they were doing. They were being shown how to embelish your quilts. Sequence, Glitter, Beads...ect. It was kind of fun. Did a little project for it. Might throw it into the pile for the give-away. You know #100!!!!
until then--have a sparkly one....


the camera won't talk

my camera won't talk to my computer so i couldn't get some new pics off. i thought i would show off the pin cushion i sent off last week or so. remember i did the pin cushion swap?! well, here is the finished one i sent.
I had done the grandma garden block in a quilt class and learned the english paper piecing method. fun, but really not for me. so i backed it with a feed sack origional print and lined the whole thing with muslin and then stuffed it full of crushed walnuts. i think that it really is kind of cute. should make one for myself...hmmmm...
ok. i give up on the pics. sorry. i was going to share the sewing kit swap (what we recieved) and the partial top of the last quilt i just showed off. i have now 30 blocks done....can't decide wether to add more or just be ok with the size.
Is anyone watching the post count? i just noticed that i am pretty close to the 100!!!! wow.
so i have decided to go ahead and do a little prize thingie. i will let everyone know what it is and such. i need to start making the pile........many things i could spare and pass right along to another blogger.
maybe i can share later if the camera will start speaking.......

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W.I.P.-- i still have too.....

Here they are......the working of fingers over the last week.

This is a project over a year old. you know how that goes?! anyways...i do the round robin here in utah. that is where you pick a pattern and then in january you send it to the first person on your list. they get it, with fabric, pattern, notes...whatever and do what you tell them to do. this one was for the mixed group (could be applique or pieced).

I sent around the pattern "Button Tree Lane". I asked them to do a house and a tree. I had all the backgrounds cut and labeled for placement and put in a bunch of homespuns for them to use or they could use whatever. I got all these back last august and they have been sitting, waiting, wondering what could be taking me soooo long to finish them. i had thought...oh, there are so many to do....and things like that so i never did anything with it. then thinking i could do the stuff at Bear Lake i put it together and voila! only 2 houses and 2 trees for me to do!!! i did the houses before i left, pieced the top and then stitched the buttons and branches while there. Of course there wasn't enough of the green thread that i used so I still have to finish just a bit more. I will show it off when i am all finished. cute though huh?! love all the buttons. After i got that tin full of vintage buttons i am starting to just love those. My stitching really stinks compared to the others, good thing i only had to do 2 trees!!!

This little cutie is around 12 inches tall. This was a little kit that i had gotten last year at Salt Lake Spring Market. I finally finished it. I still have to sew on the tiny border, but all the hand work is done. It is wool and twill sewn onto checkered flannel and then stitched down the center seams.

Lynnette Anderson's block of the month Noah's ark. So i have finally caught up the last 3 months!! yay!! only to get a new one ...what, next week? i am prepared though...... I still have finish chopping them to size and add the borders. not tooo bad though.

Remember these? Well, i decided to do something similar to this. I love it when inspiration comes from another sewers blog! Thanks for the great idea. i have always wanted to try making one of these. Love the X pattern in the white. These blocks are 9" square. Really pretty easy to make. I of course have 18 blocks done, but needed more fabric. So last week a snuck out for a bit and went and got me some. When i returned and looked at my stash i had added 2 different ones (still in the line)......whoooops. Good thing they can just jump in and be added without it looking too weird. I am hoping to get around 30 blocks done. maybe more. Really they work up pretty quick. gotta love that!

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oh, summer summer.......da,da,da, daaaaa

wait, i think that is refering to a woman....hmm....well, i am just talking about summer....the season.
We got back today from Bear Lake Utah!! boy was it nice. sunny, windy, some good raspberry shakes, family fun, and lots of olympics.
Here are some great shots of us and all of the fun:

Peanuts of course enjoying her time too.

Traditional sand burial and removal--grandma helping.

some water volleyball. guys, everyone should do really is a bunch of fun! i was playing too, but had to take a break for some pics!

little guys with the floaties.

hanging out in the shallow end. lots of little warm pools all over.

ok, so there was just a bit of a wind problem. this is the 3 eating their lunch!

Just a quick little shot of the brother. Check out his Michael Phelps!!!

We of course (by the persuation and purchase of the kids shirts from grandma) took family pictures. They really turned out stupendous!

This is what they look like after toooo much time in the photo still department:
Now I have time to do a little sewing this week and then, camping next friday---again! busy, busy....
I got done what i took to do and can't wait to share. later though, the washing machine is knocking....must be all of those towels.

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Dreaming of a better place

Dreaming of a Better Place....that is what my shirt says.......i think it fits for today!
I am taking off for a few days up to Bear Lake!!! Nothing but sand, water, sun, and a bunch of family!! I will be back on Thursday.
If there is anyone that would like to play the pay it forward go ahead and leave a comment. I will be able to get those out on Friday. If there is no takers than i will just have to make some little prizes for my 100th post!! maybe that is what everyone is waiting it?! hmmmmmm.....

I was feaverishly sewing a few things to get them ready to take. i needed some projects to do while there. i haven't taken any pic's. ran out of time, but when i get back i will definitly share!

oh, just an chicken informational info---the chicken i gave my brother for his birthday (see earlier post) has a name---you will never's NUGGET!!! I am only assuming that all is well !)
well, have a great week --i know i will!!

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Pay IT Foward

I did the pay it forward on Julie's site!! Rules and instructions at the end!

She was soooo speady in her delivery. Today I got my little goodie from her.

It is currently hanging on my stove (don't tough it!_) Lovely chocolate...she know it doesn't she?! and a lovely pin cushion. i am thinking i like that pinappley stuff..mmmmm..hmmmm.

Last night was a daddy-daughter dinner! I had to share the pic. Such a good honey and daughter.

The littlest one Eliza has a birthday party to go to tomarrow and so we of course had to put together a little bunny. She is such a pink girl! She loves to help stuff the legs and arms and has all the input for those big bunny eyes! She is around 13" tall.

She of course had to try out her picture taking skills and this is what we got!

So here is your chance to do the same.


*make a comment saying that you would like to play.

* I will send you a little something in the mail.

* You need to pay it forward from now till 1 year from now to someone else. Preferebly 3 others....but i won't be counting!

Sound good?! Sound easy?! Ready to make someones day?!
Pay it Forward......

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