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The kids keep stealing it

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The kids keep stealing it

I am having a hard time finding my spot in the whole computer time world. They always seem to be on it when i have just a snipet of time to jump on. Plus, it doesn't help that the honey gets his own computer (new, mind you too) and i am sharing with 4 webkinz, barbie, and hot wheel lovers.

So i don't have any pictures--not because of the kids--no batteries :(
I need to show off a couple of swaps i have received. The cupcake one...cute stuff... and a surprise swap...cute stuff too.
That will have to wait though......tomorrow is

over on Sew Mama Sew they are having a great big give away day!!!
I thought why not?!
So Check back tomorrow.
Leave a comment...tomorrow
and win.....something.
I know what it is and have it all done and everything.
Here are some hints:
She is small.
She is stuffed.
She is a she...
She has piggies.
She is lovable and squeezable.
You can find more of "she's" in my store.
ok. that's all.
I do however have a few things that are coming along with her.
They are new to the "line" and i will show it off.
oooooo I can't wait!!



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