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Did you bring the pumpkin pie?

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Did you bring the pumpkin pie?

I am not sure, but this Thanksgiving was just so so for me.
Was it the lumpy potatoes (i made them) or
the sort of burnt stuffing? not me.

Was is because the pies didn't turn out? -me again. Tried new recipes....didn't go over so great. Was it that no-one brought pumpkin pie for fear of having to many?
Was it a little on the dry side sweet potatoes- the crust was good though-
Was it that one brother and sister in law were away to Germany and Spain--my old stomping ground-- for some fun and left us behind?
Or the other brother who came for about 2 hours and then left because his wife was home with a little one with the sniffles?

This was the little monkey's table. Someone found a good use of the knifes and it wasn't cutting food with it.

So we still ate and snacked and watched and stuffed just the same.
It was enjoyable to go and see some family for a bit though.

Maybe we'll try harder next year.



Blogger Worm's Woman said...

If it helps, your's definately wasn't the only so-so. I enjoyed seeing my family and getting to go to OK for the first time in years...but our's too was missing the pumpkin pie. So I made some the next day while the hubby worked.

2/12/08 10:52 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

we had some the next day too :) funny. does one little thing make that big of a difference? i guess it is a few little things that do all together.

2/12/08 11:45 AM  

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