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3rd Day of Giveaway

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3rd Day of Giveaway

With all this Patchwork Posse stuff going on I haven't been able to fill everyone in on what I got for Christmas! I recieved a wonderful box from Jingle--thanks-- and saved it for christmas ever {the kids get to open something why can't i?} So take a look at what I got:

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pst----I am slowly moving-----
so for now on, if you want to read the rest of the post or follow along, you have to go to patchwork posse blog.  Make sure you update your readers and favorite list too. I know it is confusing, but after a few days you'll get it. I promise! + i'll send you a little reminder in the newsletter too.
I have uploaded ALL the old posts and all of the tutorials and all of the other good stuff. I am still shifting things around so you might find things changing along the way. Thanks!!! See ya over there! Don't forget- winners on monday!! wee haaa!! I'll post them here and there, just in case you forget. that happens sometimes.


Anonymous Marilyn said...

I am not so sure you are moving slowly--you have done a TON of things!!!
Happy New Year

I am exicted about Patchwork Posse!
Marilyn :)

3/1/10 8:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

4/4/10 11:12 PM  

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